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Dr. William Soto Santiago

Thursday, December 2, 1999

(Second activity)

Araucaria, Parana, Brazil

Source Scripture: Second Chronicles 20:20



The First Seal – Page 154

Rev. William M. Branham

278 Jacob means “supplanter, deceiver,” and that’s what he did. He put sheepskin on hisself, and deceived his prophet father, to take the birthrights. He put poplar sticks in the water, speckled them, scare the cattle when they was pregnated with the…with their young, to make speckled cattle and sheep. Nothing but a deceiver!

279 But one night he caught a hold of Something real, and he knowed It was real. And he stayed with It, and held on until he overcome. And his name was changed, and called Israel, meaning “a prince with power before God.”

280 Is that right? Every overcomer!



The Fourth Seal – Page 315-316

Rev. William M. Branham

295 Now notice. It’s just typed beautifully. I—I got a…the Scripture wrote down here, but I…we ain’t got time to get to it; as Esau and Jacob.

296 Now, Esau was a religious man. He didn’t claim to be an unbeliever. He believed in the same God Jacob did, same God his daddy did. But he was just a shyster, or excuse the expression, just…He was just no good. He—He was, now, as far as being morally, he was really a—a better moral-acting man than Jacob was. But, you see, he didn’t think… “Oh, what’s that birthright got to do with It?” And he sold his birthright to Jacob. See?

297 But, Jacob, he didn’t have big things, and like Esau did. He didn’t have the inheritance he did. But there was one thing Jacob wanted, was that birthright. He didn’t care how he had to get it; he was going to get it. And God had respect to him.




Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, October 11, 1992

(Second activity)

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Remember that God’s blessing always comes to people and He blesses what one has and what one does. In clearer words, working, striving, is where God’s blessings materialize for us.

(…) Now, when Jacob complained to his father-in-law, he said to him: “It is not done like that here, to give the youngest daughter first, but the eldest.” Perhaps they thought: “The youngest gets married and then the other one remains unmarried. She gets old, and then there is no one to love that girl.” It could be a custom or cleverness of his father-in-law.

But for a person who has the spoken Birthright Blessing, no other person’s cleverness works; because the more creative they get, the more blessings come to that person. What happens to the other person is that he loses the blessings he has and they are passed on to that person. The best thing the other person can do is to join that person who has the blessing, and say: “Let’s work together because you have God’s blessing, and everything you do will prosper; because that is the promise from God.”



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Thursday, August 26, 1993

Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico

When it is time for God’s blessing, the Birthright Blessing, to be cast, the person who wants the Birthright Blessing must be there! If he is not there, the one who is there receives it!

Is this not also what happens to the foolish virgins in the parable of the foolish virgins? That when they come, the wise virgins already have the Birthright Blessing, and the door is closed.

(…) Therefore, having that Birthright Blessing in us, let us make good use of time working in the Kingdom of God, because the promise is that everything we do will prosper; because with that Birthright Blessing everything will prosper.

If you notice, any little thing, even if it seems like something simple, something silly, you can see how that blessing materializes in any little work, and then it becomes something big. And sometimes we say: “But I didn’t know this was going to be so big.” Because we start big things with and in small things, as life always begins.

(…) So, always, big things —watch— start in a small, simple way. But one has to know that he has the Birthright Blessing; and no matter how small you see what you are going to do: Believing that the blessing of God will be there, and it will be materializing in the fulfillment of what is spoken in that blessing – of what is spoken: then you will work in whatever it is in the Kingdom of God, even if it seems small; but God will make it big, because God’s eyes it is big. Every small thing that you can see is great in God’s eyes.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Monday, May 27, 1991

San Bartolome M. A., Sacatepequez, Guatemala

We don’t believe in or expect defeat. And if something appears in sight as a defeat, we look at it as a blessing: and by faith it will become a blessing!

So with a positive faith, being children of the father of faith, there are no defeats for us.

We are CHILDREN OF PROSPERITY; and, without yet receiving the inheritance, we are prospering (because the blessing we have inside produces prosperity spiritually and materially), how will the glorious Millennial Kingdom be then, when we will inherit all our inheritance! And then prosperity will have no limits!

Printed in Puerto Rico