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Dr. William Soto Santiago

Friday, August 14, 1998

(Third activity)

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Source Scripture: John 1:1-18



The Seventh Seal – Page 534

Rev. William M. Branham

77 Now, the—the 8th chapter only reveals the scene of the—scene of the Seventh Seal, where nothing else is revealed, now, nothing. Is not revealed in the Seventh Seal… now, has nothing to do with the 7th chapter of—of Revelation. Its revealing, of the Seventh Seal, is perfectly mute. And if I only had time… I’ll try a few places, to show you.

78 All the way back, from Genesis, this Seventh chap-…or this Seventh Seal is—is—is spoke of. From the very beginning, in Genesis, this Seventh Se-…

79 These Seals moved right up. Couldn’t you remember, this morning, bringing these things up? And watch, tonight, bringing them up. And you find out, when it gets to that Seventh Seal, she cuts off. [Brother Branham snapped his finger once—Ed.] Yes.

80 Jesus Christ, in speaking, Himself, told of the end time. And when He got…Told all six Seals. When He got to the Seventh, He stopped. There it is, see. It’s a great thing.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, March 19, 2000

Santiago de Chile, Chile

The whole mystery of the Seventh Seal will be being fulfilled, although not all people will realize the Seventh Seal being fulfilled; but then, at the end, at the end of the Seventh Seal… You see, Reverend William Branham said: “When it begins it will be a complete mystery.”1 “But the end of the Seventh Seal will be the end for the Church, the end for the world, the end of the Trumpets and the Vials, and it will be also the end of time and the end of the world, for the entrance into the Millennium.”2

We can see that the greatest mystery of all the mysteries of God, the Seventh Seal being the greatest mystery (because it is the mystery of the Second Coming of Christ with His Angels), is the mystery that in this end time will be fulfilled before Christ finishes His Work of Intercession, before Christ takes the Title Deed and opens it in Heaven and reclaims all that He has redeemed with His Blood.

The Age of the Cornerstone is the crown age of the Church of Jesus Christ, because it is the age where the Seventh Seal will be being fulfilled in a simple way. Reverend William Branham said: “It will be in such a simple way that if we don’t watch it will pass by us.” And he says that when God works, He works in a simple way and in small things.

He will be working in this end time and He will be fulfilling the content of the Seventh Seal; and thus He will complete His Work in and with His Church, and then He will reclaim all those He has redeemed with His Blood, He will resurrect the dead in Christ and He will transform us.

When He finishes His Work of Intercession, Christ will adopt His Angel Messenger; and he will carry out a very important work when he is already adopted, and Christ will use him without limitations; it will be through him that the Tent Vision will be fulfilled: Christ will fulfill it through that Angel Messenger that He sends, which He will adopt.

No one can carry out the fulfillment of the Tent Vision, unless he is adopted. That is why they may try to fulfill the Tent Vision, but there is a mystery there, and it is the mystery of the Seventh Seal.



(Ministerial Meeting)

Dr. William Soto Santiago

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lima, Peru

And he who goes out of God’s Program, has problems before God; and the enemy then easily destroys him.

Remember that we have an enemy, which is the devil, and a kingdom, the kingdom of darkness, which fights against the people of God.

All those who remained under the guidance of God through Moses: they were in the perfect will of God. Those who wanted to make little groups apart and wanted to guide themselves: they had problems before God, they were also those who rose up against Moses on different occasions.

Even his brother Aaron and his sister Miriam or Mary, for criticizing Moses for a matter of the Cushite woman, a colored woman, who was Moses’ wife…; for criticizing him and besides that saying: “Has not God also spoken through us?”…; which was not true. They believed that because they told the people the Word of God…

But that Word had been given to Moses, and Moses passed it on to Aaron to speak to the people. It was not Aaron’s Word. God said to Moses: “Aaron shall be in place of your mouth; and you shall be, for Aaron, God.”

So… but then they believed that because they were speaking about the things of God, and the Word of God that was given to Moses: Moses was passing it on to Aaron to speak to the people; they already believed that it was God speaking through them. No. It was God speaking through Moses, and Moses putting that Word in their mouth, or Aaron’s mouth.

No one could take Moses’ place. There was only one to occupy that place. And anyone who did anything that could affect that man of God in any of the aspects of his life, in any of the stages of his life or the things of his life, became an enemy of God.

See, those who came to Moses on different occasions, that they were hungry and there was no water, and there was a revolution there. See, they were rebelling against God; not Moses; God, who was leading them to the promised land through Moses.

But remember that these things arose to bring out what was in the hearts of the people, whether they would serve God by obeying His Voice, or whether they would become rebellious in difficult times.

And now, we have to be guided by God, like in all times. That is why when Moses knew that his time was coming to an end, he told the Lord to place a man in his place so that the people wouldn’t be like sheep without a shepherd; and God showed him that the man He would place in Moses’ place was Hosea son of Nun, who Moses named Joshua.

So we can see that it is important to have God’s guidance and to not be fanatics. Fanaticism and people who move in a fanatical way, are a problem in the midst of the people, and they are a problem for themselves and for the Work of God. Fanaticism has always been a problem. Reverend William Branham said that because of fanaticism they ruined that of the fourth Elijah.

Therefore, one has to be realistic, face the truth of his time, without going to the fanatic extreme; but conscious; with a clear mind, with a sound mind, walk ahead and work in the Work of the Lord. That is the right way so that God may be pleased and may use us all in this end time.

Printed in Puerto Rico

1 The Seals in English “The Seventh Seal,” page 562

2 The Seals in English “The Seventh Seal,” page 553