Friday, July 16, 2021

BIBLE STUDY #116 – FRIDAY, JULY 16, 2021


Dr. William Soto Santiago

Friday, December 3, 1999

(Second activity)

São Paulo, Brazil

Source Scripture: John 7:14-18



The Thyatirean Church Age – Page 224

Rev. William M. Branham

“God’s will for us is Perfection. And that perfection is patience — waiting on God and waiting for God. This is the process of character development. How highly God has commended these saints of the Dark Ages. Patient as lambs led to the slaughter, lovingly, faithfully they served God. That is all they wanted out of life, just service to their Lord. How great was to be their reward.”


BOOK OF QUOTATIONS (in Spanish) – Page 111

Perfect faith

Jeffersonville, IN, 8-25-1963

Rev. William M. Branham

972 – “Just a prisoner, as I preached on the other night, a prisoner to the Word and will of God; he couldn’t even move until God moved him. Wouldn’t you like to see a Church rise like that? It’s going to; going back. It’s—it’s got to come. That’s right. It’s go-…It’s on its road now, I believe.”




Dr. William Soto Santiago

Wednesday, August 2, 1995

(Second activity)

Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia

For Christ and His Church… We find that what the stage of the feet of iron and clay is for the kingdom of the gentiles; in the Kingdom of God, in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, we find that by that time the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ will be in the Age of the Golden Head of the Kingdom of God; but the kingdom of the gentiles will be in the feet of iron and clay, in the stage in which those feet of iron and clay will be crumbled.

But the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of the Heavens…, it says that this Stone will grow and become a great mountain: Showing that in the days of these kings the God of Heaven will raise up a Kingdom, eternal, which will be on this planet Earth.

It says: “…and the stone that smote the image (in the feet of iron and cray),” it says: it grew, “became a great mountain,” a great kingdom.1

And then we will have the glorious Millennial Kingdom: That glorious Kingdom that will be the Golden Age for this mankind; it will be the Golden Age, in the Divine Program, for the human race; because we will have the Kingdom of God established on Earth, so that God’s will may be done, just as in Heaven, also here on Earth.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Thursday, September 15, 1994

(Second activity)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

There, in that theophanic body, is all that divine knowledge that the person will have manifested in his life when he is in the new body. Meanwhile, that theophanic body helps the person to whom it belongs; and it is the one that takes care of you day and night, the one that helps you at all times, and the one that has helped you so that you can see, understand, the Program of God pertaining to the time in which you are living.

When you have understood God’s Program, you have heard of your theophany. Each child of God depends on his theophanic body. And that theophanic body will be the one that will have to do with the transformation of your body.

Who will be transformed? God’s elect, who have their theophanic bodies; they are the ones who have their theophanic body.

(…) Let every person serve God knowing that he is free, and that he serves God freely and out of love for God; knowing the will of God always, to serve God according to His will; without anyone having to force you to do anything.

Rather, may your love for God be the one that makes you serve God according to God’s will in all things; feeling that divine love in your soul, and feeling that beautiful feeling when you do something for God knowing that this is God’s will, God’s perfect will; and thus you will be pleasing God.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, February 26, 1989

Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

So whether we are here or whether we are in Paradise: We will be doing the will of God, and we will be with the Message of God, the Word that vivifies us in our time. And somehow the Message reaches Paradise.

When you go to another city, and visit your friends or relatives, you also take the Message to them there, how much more if one of us has to leave and go to Paradise! Then you also go and speak to them there of the Message that we have here. Somehow they hear the Great Voice of Trumpet, the Last Trumpet that we are also hearing.

So, if someone has to leave, he already knows that he will have work there too, that he will arrive there with good news. What he will also tell them is that he will be there for a short time and that he will be resurrected in a short time.

Printed in Puerto Rico

1 Daniel 2:35