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Dr. William Soto Santiago

Tuesday, August 25, 1998

(Second activity)

Cerro de Piedra, Guerrero, Mexico




Dr. William Soto Santiago

Thursday, April 19, 2001 (Third activity)

Dallas, Texas, USA

For people to pass to Paradise, they must first be on Mount Zion, which is the Mount where there is salvation, and it is the Mount where one escapes divine judgment.

And now, the message of the Angels is: “Escape; escape to the Mount that you may deliver your soul, that you may not perish.”

It was also told by the Angels for Lot to make haste: “Make haste, escape to the mountain, for I can do nothing or we can do nothing until you have reached there, until you have escaped.”

And the Archangels Gabriel and Michael will be able to do nothing in relation to the divine judgment that will come upon the human race, until all the elect of God written in Heaven, in the Lamb’s Book of Life, have escaped, until they have arrived to Mount Zion, to the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And also the fatuous virgins, the foolish virgins, will hear the Final Message, and there will be an exodus: That will be escaping to avoid the divine judgments to fall upon them; although the beast, the man of sin, will persecute them and will kill them; but they will die saved and will resurrect after the Millennial Kingdom.

The 144,000 will also be persecuted, but they will escape; that is why in Revelation, chapter 14, they appear on Mount Zion standing with the Lamb, and sealed on their foreheads, because the Angel that comes with the Seal of the living God in Revelation, chapter 7, verse 2 and on (that is, that comes with the Holy Spirit), calls them and gathers them and seals them on their foreheads.



(Ministerial Meeting)

Dr. William Soto Santiago

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

And now, in Revelation, chapter 11, it is also promised that the ministries of the Two Anointed Ones, the Two Olive Trees, Moses and Elijah, will be on Earth.

And what does Reverend William Branham tell us about these two ministries that will be on Earth for the Last Day? On page 358 and 359 of the book of The Seals it says… I correct, 458 and 459, it says… beginning in the last paragraph of 458, it says:1

173 This time was between the Sixth and Seventh Seal, that He calls these people, spoken of by Jesus in Matthew the 24th chapter and the 31st verse (That is, that ‘He will send His angels with a Great Voice of Trumpet and they will gather His elect.’ Let’s see who those elect are and who is the one who sounds the Trumpet). (…) When the trumpet sounds, is the trumpet of the two witnesses of the age of grace for the Jews (that is, the Trumpet of Moses and Elijah, the Message of Moses and Elijah sounding the Final Message to the Jews). One trumpet sound… Now notice over here, 31st.

‘And he shall send forth his angels (not one, see; there’s two of them) with a great sound of a trumpet,…’

174 What is it? When God gets ready to speak, there’s a sound of a trumpet (in other words, it is God speaking through the Two Olive Trees). That’s always His Voice. It’s calling to battle, see. God speaks. These angels (now it says that they are angels, messengers) will come forth with the sounding of the trumpet.

175 And did you notice, at the last angel’s Message, the trumpet sounds. The first angel’s message, a trumpet sound; second angel’s, a trumpet sounded, when He sent it out. Notice, but when the Seals were announced, they were all in one great, Divine thing, to call out a group of people; there was one trumpet sound, and Seven Seals were broke.

176 Notice, ‘Gather His elected Jews from the four parts of the heavens.’”

With that Trumpet that sounds, the Great Voice of Trumpet, with which He will call the elect, He says that seven Seals are opened; in other words, something great is going to happen in this end time.

The Seals are opened when Christ completes His Church and completes, therefore, His Work of Intercession in Heaven; He comes out from the Throne of the Father, from the Throne of Intercession, and becomes the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and takes the Book from the right hand of Him who sits on the Throne, and opens it in Heaven; and in chapters 6 and on, the Seals are opened, and the history contained under each of those mysterious Seals appears.

Then, in Revelation, chapter 8, when He opens the Seventh Seal, there was silence in Heaven for about half an hour. Reverend William Branham says that that is His Coming, the Seventh Seal is His Coming.

Therefore, that is the greatest mystery there is in Heaven: The Coming of the Lord. It is the greatest mystery in the Seals: the Seventh Seal, which will be opened to give the faith to be transformed and raptured to the elect of God of the Last Day, of the end time. Because the Thunders of Revelation, chapter 10, is the Voice of Christ coming with the little Book open in His hand, coming to His Church, to deliver it to His Church.

He will deliver it to His Church just as He did from age to age, that He delivered to His Church the Message relevant to each age when He delivered it to the messenger of each age and the messenger spoke it; and so He delivered it to the messenger first, and then —through the messenger— He delivered it to His Church. That is one of the great mysteries pertaining to the Seventh Seal; and thus it will give the faith, the revelation of the Seventh Seal, to be transformed and taken with Christ to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

We watch for the seven visions; and above all we watch for what is promised for God to carry out in the midst of His Church. The Mighty Angel who has descended from Heaven is Christ, the Angel of the Covenant, with the little Book open in His hand to bring it to His Church, to be restored to eternal life with eternal and glorified bodies: Those who died to be resurrected in glorified bodies, and those who live to be transformed; and all to be equal to Jesus Christ, in His image and likeness, as Jesus Christ our Savior; and young for all eternity.

Printed in Puerto Rico

1 The Seals in English, page 546