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Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, December 27, 1998

(Second activity)

Cayey, Puerto Rico

Source Scripture: Ephesians 5:14-18



The Seventh Seal – Page 565

Rev. William M. Branham

[320] Now, if them others is perfectly on the dot with the Word, so is This perfectly on the dot with the Word! We are here. We’re at the end, friends.

321 Soon it shall be “time run out.” Millions will lose their lives. Millions will be, that now believe that they are saved, will be counted fodder for the atomic age. We are living at the last hour. By the grace of Almighty God, by His help to His people, that they might look forward to the soon appearing of Christ! “How long, Brother Branham?” Maybe twenty years; maybe in fifty years; maybe in a hundred years. I don’t know. And maybe in the morning; maybe yet tonight. I don’t know. And anybody says they do know, they’re wrong. See? They don’t know. God, only, knows.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Wednesday, February 4, 1981

Tres Arroyos, Argentina

He in His Second Coming, as Judge, will speak the divine judgment for this world of the gentiles, for this final generation, and then the judgment will fall upon all nations, the apocalyptic plagues will fall upon all nations, until what the prophet Malachi says is fulfilled, when he said [4:1]: “Behold, the great and terrible day of the Lord cometh, when all the proud shall be stubble; and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the Lord.”

And with what? Where will the fire come from? There are enough atomic bombs, hydrogen and cobalt bombs ready to explode; and in these days they will also manufacture the neutron bomb, in order to have more atomic fire, so that what the Bible says may be fulfilled.

And if any fire is missing, a little more, volcanoes will explode, earthquakes will shake the earth, and the catastrophes that are to come upon the Earth and upon the inhabitants of the Earth will be the fulfillment of the divine judgment.


Why? Because this generation is asleep! And those who sleep will receive divine judgment, because they haven’t awakened to the reality of the time in which we live. But He recommends to every person to wake up, to awaken before the judgments of God fall upon the Earth.

This is a very important hour in God’s Plan.

In the days when Noah appeared saying that God would destroy mankind from the whole Earth, people never imagined that what Noah was saying was the truth. But since God spoke to Noah, and what Noah was saying was the truth (because the time of divine judgment had come), what Noah said was fulfilled. And those who slept spiritually, and didn’t want to wake up to the reality of that time: the flood came and destroyed them all. So shall it be with those who don’t want to wake up at this time: the atomic fire will come and destroy them all.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Monday, April 20, 1998

(Third activity)

Mina, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The revelation that was hidden in the mind of God and which no man could discover that mystery, for this end time, the Voice of Christ speaking to us through His Angel Messenger, in the manifestation of Christ in His Angel Messenger, He will be speaking to us this mystery, He will be opening this mystery to us and thus, He will be giving us the faith, the revelation of the Second Coming of Christ, to be changed and raptured and taken to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in Heaven at this end time, which is the Last Day or seventh millennium or Day of the Lord, if we add to the calendar the years of delay it has.

(…) Now, notice that the Seventh Seal is the one that makes the introduction to the Millennium and to the glorious Millennial Kingdom; it is Christ, the Angel who was different from the rest, manifested in human flesh in the Angel Messenger of Jesus Christ, the one who makes the introduction to the seventh millennium and the glorious Millennial Kingdom with the ministry that He manifests through His Angel Messenger; in other words, that the ministry of the Angel who was different from the rest is the introduction to the seventh millennium and the glorious Millennial Kingdom. All of that is done by the Seventh Seal, which is the Coming of the Angel who was different from the rest, manifested at the Last Day.

(…) It is time for the children of God to be awake, because we are in the Last Day; for which the Scripture says: “Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.” So it says in Ephesians, chapter 5, verse 14. And Saint Paul is quoting this from what was said by God through the prophet Isaiah in chapter 60, verse 1 and on.

And now Saint Paul takes that prophecy and uses it to call the sons and daughters of God of the first age of the gentile Church, awaken them there in the depths of their souls, awaken them to the day they were granted to live in, the age they were granted to live in and the dispensation they were granted to live in, so that they hear the Voice of Christ through Saint Paul and the elect of God of the first age of the gentile Church age be called and gathered together.

In order to be called and gathered, they must awaken, and the person must be awake in his soul; because the soul of the human beings is asleep and it must awaken to the reality of the Program of God. The sons and daughters of God are the ones who awaken in the age in which they were granted to live when the Voice of Christ calls them as it called Lazarus, back then when Lazarus’ physical body was asleep or dead, but he was asleep because the saints do not die, but rather they sleep; and when Christ called him, Lazarus awakened from the sleep of death and got up and walked out of the cave.

The human beings are encased in their own ideas and in their own ways of life, ignoring the Divine Program, but through the Voice of Christ crying out, calling His children with that mighty and powerful Voice through the messenger of the age relevant to the time in which the sons and daughters of God live, the sons and daughters of God hear that Voice there in their soul and they awaken there in the depths of their soul, and thus they awaken to the reality of the Program of God and they discover that they are children of God and they did not know.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, November 4, 1977

Tent Service

Cayey, Puerto Rico

Now, you can see that all the things that will take place in the resurrection, will be things that the elect group will know beforehand, just as the elect group of the time of the Lord in His First Coming knew the things that would take place; although they didn’t understand them, but they knew them; but when they were fulfilled, then the Lord opened their understanding, and they understood the things of which the Lord had been speaking to them before He died; then they understood all those things correctly.

Well, for sure there will be things that will be spoken and there will be things that we will understand, but there will also be things that for the time being we will not understand; but when they are fully fulfilled, then we will understand them. So what we don’t understand now, we will understand later. What we don’t understand now, we will understand when we see the resurrected saints coming with the Lord in glory. Then, what can’t be explained to us now in a more detailed way, will be explained to us later, in a more detailed way.

Remember that after the Lord resurrected and went to the sixth dimension, and brought those who were in Paradise, then He appeared and was with His disciples, and opened their understanding so that they would understand all those things of which He had first spoken to them, and so that they would understand all the things that the prophets had spoken.

Therefore, then we have to see that hour in which we are living, we have to see that everything is already in front of us, everything is at hand. We have to be consecrated people to the Lord, careful people in this hour, because the hour is coming, the hour is intertwining; and from one moment to another everything will be fulfilled according to the promise.

Many will perhaps say: “But was not this to be or to happen this way and that in this way? And why is such and such happening, when we thought it was in such and such a time?” Let things then be fulfilled gradually according to God’s order. Let us be prepared that we will see each other again, let us be prepared; because if you didn’t see the seventh messenger, you will see him, if you never saw the apostle Paul, you will see him. So don’t worry about that part, that is about to happen.

It will be a delicate time, it will be a time when we will enter into a time of squeeze, it will be a time as it was in the last days of the Lord, it was a time of squeeze, it was a time of persecution, it was a time when they were looking for Him to kill Him.

Moreover, the government, Herod, told the Lord to report himself. They had a warrant for the Lord’s arrest. Then the Lord said: “Go and tell that fox that I do works today and tomorrow (I think he says) and on the third day I will finish my work. Let him be still, for the time has not yet come, I still have some work to do.”1 Oh, how tremendous! An arrest warrant from the White House to stop that fanatic.

(…) Therefore, then because of that and other things, there it cost the life of the Messiah at His First Coming. They said: “He is blaspheming, He has blasphemed.” Why? Because He said He was the Son of God, because He identified Himself with what He was. See? He identified Himself in the Word, and He took the Word that was spoken about the Messiah, and He said that Word was fulfilled in Him. What when He identifies Himself as the Son of David, as the King of Israel? Then all of that you know will cause a persecution, it will cause a squeeze, it will cause things to happen that are said to happen.

But what will seemingly be a victory for the world, will be the greatest defeat for them. What will seemingly be a defeat for God’s chosen people, will be the greatest victory for God’s people. So, in this hour, as we approach that time, don’t be surprised at the squeeze and the way it gradually creeps in. The tighter the squeeze, the firmer the Word, knowing that in a time of squeeze, in a time of testing, is that all that will be fulfilled.

Printed in Puerto Rico

1 Luke 13:32-33