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Dr. William Soto Santiago

Monday, May 10, 1999

(Third activity)

Minatitlan, Veracruz, Mexico

Source scripture: Revelation 5:1-14



The Breach – Pages 83-84

Rev. William M. Branham

116 Now, oh, my! Now, the forfeited title deed is now in the hands of the original Owner, Almighty God. The title deed to the earth, and to Eternal Life, when Adam forfeited it; then Satan’s dirty hands could not take it, so it went back to its original Owner, God Himself. We’re going to find it, just in a minute. There He sits on the Throne, with it in His hand, the title deed. Oh, that makes me feel religious. The title deed to Eternal Life, abstract title deed to Eternal Life, when Adam forfeited it for wisdom, instead of faith, it went back to the hands of the Owner, Almighty God. What a great thing!

117 All right, waiting. What’s it doing? In the hands of God, waiting for redemption claims. He made a way of redemption, He made a way back, and someday the Redeemer is to take it back. You see where we’re getting to now? We’ll watch this Fellow sitting upon the Throne. All right, waiting for redemption claims, its redemption.

118 What is this Book of Redemption, this title deed, abstract title deed? “You say, ‘abstract’?” What does an abstract mean? Means it’s searched all the way back to its beginning. Like that little—like that little drop of ink this morning, when it struck that bleach, it went all the way back. And when sin has been confessed and fallen into the Blood of Jesus Christ, oh, my, it gives an abstract, right straight back to the Creator again. You become a son of God. Abstract title deed is held in the hands of the Almighty. Oh, my!

119 Its redemption means all legal possession to all that was lost by Adam and Eve. Oh, my! What ought that to do to a born-again Christian! Its legal possession to that abstract deed, title deed of Eternal Life, means that you possess everything that Adam and Eve lost. Whew! What of it, brother?



The Breach – Pages 106-107

Rev. William M. Branham

278 Notice, here He come. Leaves the Throne, as an Intercessor, as a slain Lamb; to become a Lion, King, to bring the whole world into Judgment, that’s rejected. Our Kinsman Redeemer then is King over all. Why? He’s got the title deed of redemption. It all lays within His hand. I’m glad I know Him. See?

279 Then claims His inheritance; that’s the Church, the Bride. He claims It.

280 What does He do then? He disposes of His contestant, Satan. He throws him into a Lake of Fire, with all those who was inspired by Satan, to reject His Word of redemption.

281 He is King now. Mercy is still on the Throne. Don’t you reject His offer. See? The riders knows just who you are.

282 And, now, His contestant, who has give Him trouble for two thousand years, claiming, “I can do with them what I want to. I still have them. They’re mine. I… They forfeit the title back there.”

283 But He’s the Kinsman Redeemer. He said He is back here making intercessions now. But someday… He say, “I’ll put them in the grave.”

284 But He told the Church, “I’ll bring you out.” See? “But, first, I’ve got to be an Intercessor.”



Page 239

Christ in the trajectory of the human race

Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, June 9, 2002

Cayey, Puerto Rico

All that power that Adam and Eve lost will be restored will be restored under the ministries of Moses and Elijah, for the Title Deed, the Book of the Seven Seals, will be restored; and therefore the Angel that rises from the birth of the sun eats that Book and becomes flesh in him, and therefore that Angel is adopted, and therefore he receives authority and power over all nations and over all nature. And therefore there will be a full manifestation of God’s power, which will fulfill the Tent Vision of the Reverend William Branham.

Now, one can’t talk much about all these things that will be happening and how they will be happening, so that the whole Program of God which is under the Seventh Seal, in Christ, will not be interrupted in the trajectory of the human race.



Page 394

Words of Greeting

(Pastors’ Meeting)

Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, June 29, 2008

(Second activity)

Santiago de Chile, Chile

Therefore, we will not be afraid of the squeeze, but we will be glad of the blessing that comes at that time. It was called the Third Pull; and the Third Pull is a full manifestation (or there will be a manifestation) of God. The Voice of God, which is the Seven Thunders, will be speaking consecutively and God will be working everything through the spoken Word.

There is the mystery: it will be in the spoken Word. Remember that Christ spoke about having faith as a mustard seed (that is somewhere in Mark, chapter 11), and He says: “If you say to this mountain: go from here to there, it will pass, and nothing will be impossible.1” Mark and Matthew also speak of that faith as a mustard seed.

And now, that is “if you say”, that is, it is not if God says, but the person; of course that person will have the Word of God in his mouth for the manifestation of that Third Pull that is to come. That is why he will be given the Title Deed, the Book of the Seven Seals, and then he has to speak his prophetic Message to many peoples, nations and tongues; and under that ministry there will also be great signs internationally, wonders, miracles. And all that, the Reverend William Branham says pertains to the Two Olive Trees: to Moses and Elijah.

And how can miracles and wonders arise at an international level, if one will be in one place? Through the monitors you will be seeing and hearing, therefore, many things will happen from one place to other places through that spoken Word; because faith will grow to the level where you can obtain everything, those who can believe it.

A person receives God’s blessings by faith; all that he can believe God has promised, he can receive. The person is the one who puts limits on the blessing he can receive from God. Don’t set limits to God’s blessings: believe them with all your heart, so that you can receive God’s blessings without limitations.



Page 92

Crucifixion and death of Christ

Dr. William Soto Santiago

Friday, April 6, 2012

Cayey, Puerto Rico

Someday the Coming of the Lord will become a reality, the Coming of the Lord will be opened to the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that will be in the fulfillment of The Great Tent Cathedral, that is where that mystery of the Seventh Seal will be opened; and that is where there will completely be a very great revival, a very great awakening, a very great manifestation of Christ in the midst of His Church, that stage is called the Third Pull.

By that time, if He has not finished at the beginning of the Tent Vision, when He appears, at some point later on, Christ will finish His Work of Intercession in Heaven as High Priest, leave the Throne of Intercession, take the Title Deed and open it in Heaven. That Title Deed is the Book sealed with seven Seals. That is because Christ will have already completed His Church with all those written in Heaven, in the Lamb’s Book of Life; and then He will do His Reclaiming Work: He will bring the dead in Christ who are in Paradise, He will pass through Paradise and bring them, He will resurrect them in eternal and glorified and young bodies, and He will transform the believers who are alive; and then we will be in the physical likeness of Christ, with glorified and eternal, immortal and young bodies for all eternity.

Those people, as well as those in Paradise, will receive the Coming of the Lord in Paradise to come to Earth and take on physical and eternal bodies. The believers in Christ will see Christ coming for His Church, they will see the resurrected ones in eternal bodies, and the living in Christ will be changed; and that will be the greatest meeting that has been carried out, of believers in Christ; because those of past ages will come to our time to meet with the believers in Christ who are going to be transformed, and when we see them, we will be transformed.

By that time there will be a very great manifestation of God’s presence through Christ; and the Jews, when they see that, will say: “This is the one we are waiting for.” But He is not coming for them, He is coming for His Church-Bride, to transform her and take her with Him to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.



Page 34

The Book a man ate

Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, March 21, 1982

Maturin, Venezuela

We can see, then, that the Book of Redemption, the Title Deed of the Heavens and the Earth, the Title Deed of the Redemption of the Heavens and the Earth, is given to a man. When that Title Deed is given to a man, what happens? The Title Deed that Adam had once obtained and lost and returned to Heaven, the Title Deed again comes to Earth and another man takes it; and when he takes it, then you will know the things that are said of that man that he must do with that Title Deed in his hand.

By taking that Title Deed in his hand and eating it and taking it into the belly and digesting it, God’s blessing has automatically come to Earth, what was far away has automatically become close; Heaven and Earth have kissed, Heaven and Earth have united.

Printed in Puerto Rico

1 Matthew 21:21-22, Mark 11:23-24