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BIBLE STUDY #118 – FRIDAY, JULY 23, 2021


Dr. William Soto Santiago

Saturday, January 24, 1998

San Marcos, Artibonito, Haiti

Source Scripture: Ephesians 3:1-12


BOOK OF QUOTATIONS (in Spanish) – Page 56

The Seventieth Week of Daniel

Jeffersonville, IN, 8-6-61

Rev. William M. Branham

492 – “And Daniel said he watched this Gentile age until a Stone come out of the mountain, that wasn’t cut with hands. They have never put a capstone on that pyramid. It wasn’t cut by man’s hands. It’s God’s hand that cut the Stone. You see it? And what did It do? It hit the image right smack in the feet, and broke it to pieces, ground it into powder. Hallelujah! What happened at that time, the coming of that Stone? Up went the Church into Glory, at the Rapture, ’cause it ended the Gentile dispensation. God ended it up; the coming of that Stone. / And every one of us has got that magnetism of the Holy Spirit. When that Stone strikes the image, the Church will flee to It, back into Glory. She will be taken up, at the Rapture of the saints, when She goes forth in that day.”


BOOK OF QUOTATIONS (in Spanish) – Page 88

The First Seal

Rev. William M. Branham

751 – “But, think now, he wrote This. But when he started to write those other, Seven Thunders, He said, ‘Don’t write It.’ He had been commissioned to write everything he seen. But when these Seven Thunders, over in Revelation 10, uttered, He said, ‘Don’t write Them, at all.’ They are mysteries. We don’t know what they are yet. But, my opinion, they’ll be revealed right away. And when it do, it’ll give faith for that rapturing grace, for that Church to move out. See? We’ve just moved through everything that we know of, through all the dispensations. We’ve watched everything. We seen the mysteries of God. We seen the appearing of the—of the great gathering together of the Bride in the last days. But, yet, there is something in There that we just can’t lighten ourself with. There is something other. But I imagine, when them mysteries begins to come forth, God said, ‘Hold It back now. Wait a minute. I’ll reveal It in that day. Don’t write It, at all, John, ’cause they’ll stagger over It. Just—just let it go, see. But I’ll reveal It in that day when it has need to be done.’”



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, August 12, 1990

Cucuta, North Santander, Colombia

And when you spiritually eat that Message, that Word, you are eating the Title Deed that was opened in Heaven, for the human being to have the right, have the right to the return to our heavenly Father’s House, to have your rights restored to eternal life, to eternal happiness, to eternal youth, to the eternal body; to have the rights to the inheritance, all restored.

(…) It is that these prophetic ministries that are promised for after the prophetic ministry of the seventh messenger ended with the ministry of Elijah for the fourth time, then appears the ministry of Elijah for the fifth time and the ministry of Moses for the second time, both manifested in the faithful and wise servant, who is the one who receives the blessing that the Lord Jesus Christ said: “That he shall make him ruler over all his goods.” The Son of Man will put him over all His goods, He will put him over the inheritance.

That is why He comes with that Title Deed directly to the faithful and wise servant who is feeding the elect in the end time, not with a past Message of a past age or dispensation, but with the Message of the Great Voice of Trumpet or Last Trumpet (which didn’t belong to past ages or dispensations); who is feeding the elect well, so that they may receive the transformation of their bodies in this end time.

That is why it comes directly to him, what for? To place him over all His goods. He comes with the Title Deed and gives it to him. And when He gives it to him and he eats it, He gave him all His goods!, because He gave him the Title Deed. And when he eats it, who will take it away from him!?

That is why the Lord Jesus Christ didn’t eat it. When He saw it in Heaven, He opened it, and He didn’t eat it there; because He had to give it to a human being, because it had to return to the human race; and He had to place the Title Deed in the midst of the human race, in His faithful and wise servant, so that he would be placed over all the goods of his Lord.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, November 18, 1990

(Second activity)

Santiago de Chile, Chile

Did you see what a change of dispensation is? It is not perceived by the human intellect, it is not perceived by the wise men of the world; it was not perceived by the wise men of Noah’s time, neither was it perceived by the wise men of Moses’ time back in Egypt; those wise men didn’t perceive that a new dispensation was beginning for the Hebrew people.

The wise men didn’t perceive it, the high priest and the doctors of the Law, they didn’t perceive a change of dispensation when Jesus of Nazareth appeared in their midst; but a change of dispensation was taking place, and it was introducing in a new dispensation.

(…) Well, FACING A CHANGE OF DISPENSATION, what does one have to do? Facing a change of dispensation, what we have to do is to move to that new dispensation where God has moved and where the Message for all the children of God is; that hidden Manna was hidden in the new dispensation.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Friday, December 9, 1994

(Second activity)

Bogota, Colombia

This time in which we live, which corresponds to the fourth watch, is a very contrary time for the Coming of Christ, regarding that people’s way of thinking is very far from what in reality is the promise of the Coming of the Son of Man with His Angels for the end of time, for the end of the world, for the fourth watch, to call and gather all the elect of God with the Message of the Great Voice of Trumpet, that is, with the Message of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

(…) Now, when there are these changes of dispensations there is always a spiritual battle; because only the angel messenger for that new dispensation is the one who understands that the previous dispensation has come to its end and a new dispensation has opened, and a new dispensational Message is established for the people.

And when those of the past dispensation see that a new Message and a new messenger have risen, they rise up against that messenger and against that Message, ignoring that it is the corresponding Divine Program for that time, and that God is with that messenger and with that Message, and with the people who receive that Message and that messenger.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Wednesday, October 18, 1995

Azul, Argentina

That divine revelation of the Seventh Seal, being given to the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the elect, being preached in the Last Day in the Age of the Cornerstone and Dispensation of the Kingdom, is what awakens all the elect of God, all those who are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life who are living in the Last Day.

And He will also awaken those of the past ages who are sleeping; for their bodies have literally fallen asleep, they have died, but they will awaken; for all the dead will hear the Voice of the Son of God, that is, the Voice of the Mighty Angel who descends from Heaven clothed in a cloud, in that Pillar of Fire, and with His face like the sun —that is, He comes as King—.

“And the dead in Christ shall hear His Voice, and shall arise,” the Lord Jesus Christ says in John, chapter 5 [verse 25]. “The dead shall hear the Voice of the Son of God, and shall arise.” And the prophet Daniel also tells us, in chapter 12, that there will be a resurrection for the Last Day.

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