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BIBLE STUDY #98 – FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2021


Dr. William Soto Santiago

Tuesday, November 9, 1999

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Source Scripture: Revelation 22:12 / Matthew 16:26-27


BOOK OF QUOTATIONS (in Spanish) – Page 133

The future Home of the heavenly Bridegroom and the earthly Bride

Jeffersonville, IN, 8-2-64

Rev. William M. Branham

1183 – “Enoch, before the antediluvian destruction, when justification was coming in, he brought forth a sign, and in this pyramid is seven steps going to the king’s chamber. Watch on the seventh step, if you ever studied the dimensions of the pyramid, what comes out to take the oncomer, to introduce to the king. Watch whose station that is standing there, and you’ll see the day you’re living, in the pyramid. / And we’re in the seventh church age, before the King takes His Throne.”


BOOK OF QUOTATIONS (in Spanish) – Page 37

Adoption #4

Jeffersonville, IN, 5-22-60

Rev. William M. Branham

311 – “Now, look at the age coming now right up to the Headstone. See what I mean? The Coming of the Lord, the made known. God and all creations is waiting for the church to positionally find its place.”



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, March 15, 1998

(Second activity)

Asuncion, Paraguay

He operated the ministry of Elijah and Jesus, temporarily, in our brother Branham; and for this end time He will be operating the ministries of Moses, Elijah and Jesus. These are the three great ministries that He promised to manifest in this end time, where the Third Pull will be carrying out all these things that are promised for this end time; and the most important part of the Third Pull is the one that comes before the great miracles and wonders; because God doesn’t place miracles and wonders first and then the Word, but rather He places His Word first, first comes the Word, and then the miracles and wonders come. You can see that the Message comes first from behalf of God and then, later on, miracles and wonders follow.

And now, in this part of the Message, the Third Pull emerging in a reserved way for the elect of God, opening to them the mystery of the Seventh Seal (in other words, opening to them the Seventh Seal, the mystery of His Coming) and thus sounding the Last Trumpet or Great Voice of Trumpet of the Gospel of the Kingdom, with which these mysteries of this end time are made known.

Now, since in the first and second stage that Christ manifested through the forerunner of the Second Coming of Christ, by him openly revealing those stages and saying how they worked, there were impersonators who interrupted the Program that God was carrying out through the Reverend William Marrion Branham, and the fishing line became tangled in that time; and many appeared imitating what the forerunner of the Second Coming of Christ did. And the Angel told him that he did what He (the Angel) told him not to do, because the Angel told him to keep quiet about those stages.

And now, He told him… for the Third Pull, He told him: “You will tell no one of this. You will keep quiet about this.” That is why we must speak like this about that Third Pull, in a quick way and without many details, only showing that that Third Pull is the stage where the Spirit of Christ… which is Jesus Christ Himself in Holy Spirit, the Angel of the Covenant Himself manifested in human flesh in His Angel Messenger carrying out the Word relevant to the Last Day.

That is the Third Pull of which the forerunner of the Second Coming of Christ spoke about. And His Coming has different phases, both with His Church-Bride (who are the elect) as well as the foolish virgins, which are the believers in Christ who have not received the Spirit of Christ (in other words, they don’t have oil in their lamps) and they will not go in the rapture to go to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; they will not be able to be transformed, because they first need to have the Spirit of Christ, they must receive the new birth, they must receive the theophanic body, to then receive the physical and eternal body.

And now, notice, the Seventh Seal also has to do with what God will be carrying out on this planet Earth. Therefore, the Second Coming of Christ covers all the orders of the human race who will be living in this end time; nothing will remain outside of the Seventh Seal, everything will be impacted by the Seventh Seal, everything will be impacted by the Second Coming of Christ with His Angels.

And for the manifestation of the Seventh Seal (which is the manifestation of the Third Pull) the big fish that our brother Branham had to fish in the vision he had fishing in a lake, where the Angel told him that He was going to teach him how to fish…, and He told him: “Now prepare your hook with the bait. Now cast it far away (meanwhile he was doing so). And now give it a pull, pull like this, and the small fish will see and they will come. And then pull the line a little more, a little faster; the small fish will follow the bait and the hook, and the big fish will see what is happening, they will see the little fish following that bait, and then the big fish will come.”

But when he had to do that part, he pulled so hard that he pulled the fishing line out with the hook and a tiny little fish, so small, that it looked like the bait he placed on the hook; and the Angel told him: “You did as I told you not to do.”

That was when he taught the rest of them who were at the lake how to fish. He told them: “I know how to fish.” They came to him and said: “Brother Branham, you know how to fish” (there were many ministers who were fishing there). And then he told them: “Yes, I know how to fish. Come, I will teach you.” And that caused many imitations, because the secret of how to fish in his age was for him to know and put it to work to catch the fish (in other words, the sons and daughters of God) relevant to that age.

And now, notice why he had many problems in his ministerial life with religious groups; we can see partly why: because he taught things, that is, he showed them secrets that were only for him to know, he made them known to other people.

But now the Angel, after telling him that he did as the Angel told him not to do, and his line was all tangled, the Angel took him to another vision (in other words, he took him to another vision higher up) and showed him a tent; and in the tent, He showed him a small room, He also showed him a calling to the altar and He also showed him a line of people who went to receive the healing prayer, who were entering into a small room; and he says that the Pillar of Fire that accompanied him, flied from him, and was speaking with another person higher up from where he was, and then went to that small room.

Remember that it is a vision, therefore its fulfillment has a part… that is, it has a spiritual application and also a physical application. Just like the lake where he was fishing: It is not that he had to go to a literal lake to catch the fish, but rather the fish are the sons and daughters of God; since Christ said: “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men,” said Jesus Christ to His apostles, who were fishermen; because Christianity is represented in the fish and is under the era of Pisces.

That is why Christians draw a fish or two fish there in the catacombs when they were persecuted, because Christianity is represented in the fish. And that is why Christ said: “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

And that is also why we see that for the end of the world it says that the net will be taken out to the shore, and the good fish will be gathered and the bad will be cast out; and the Angels of the Son of Man will do that; and that is for the end of the world, where the Angels of the Son of Man will appear, which are the ministries of Moses and Elijah manifested in the end time.

And now, notice how in order for our brother Branham to fish, fulfill the fishing mission, he had to go to the lake or the sea of nations, peoples and tongues; because waters represents peoples, nations and tongues; and fish represents the sons and daughters of God, beings that will hear the preaching of the Gospel of the Grace and will receive Christ as Savior; and thus they are placed in the Kingdom of God.

Now, we can see the application that vision has in its fulfillment.

And now, the application of the Tent Vision also has its spiritual application and its physical application. The physical application may be when the squeeze arrives, since for that time we will be in a stage wherein the earthquakes and the volcanoes and land tremors will already be in a higher scale, and the activities will be in, most likely, in tents; and the other thing is that for an activity in a place where there is no building, the fastest thing that can be placed is a tent.

So we will see the ministry of the Son of Man with His Angels for that time of the squeeze carrying out physically, literally, that stage with great signs, wonders and miracles; and that corresponds to the ministries of Moses and Elijah, the Two Olive Trees; but the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, will be there, because with Him is that His Angels come, the ministries of Moses and Elijah; in other words, with Christ, with the Angel of the Covenant, which is Jesus Christ in Holy Spirit manifested in His Angel Messenger.

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