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Dr. William Soto Santiago

Friday, August 19, 1998

(Third activity)

Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico

Source Scripture: Genesis 27:26-33


BOOK OF QUOTATIONS (in Spanish) – Page 105

Why cry? Speak!

Jeffersonville, IN, 7-14-63

Rev. William M. Branham

909 – “…what Moses said, God honored. I want you to never forget that Word. What Moses said, God honored, because God’s Word was in Moses. ‘I’ll be with your mouth; it’ll speak the right things.’”


BOOK OF QUOTATIONS (in Spanish) – Page 165

Trying to do God a service without it being God’s will

Shreveport, LA, 11-25-65

Rev. William M. Branham

1470 – “A prophet’s supposed to be the mouth of God speaking, not his own thinking. His… You see, he’s com-… so completely yielded to God, he don’t want to hurt nothing, but he has to say what God says, ’cause he has no control of It hisself.”


BOOK OF QUOTATIONS (in Spanish) – Page 168

The Rapture

Yuma, AZ, 12-4-65

Rev. William M. Branham

1502 – “Now, remember, ‘The Word of the Lord comes to the prophet,’ not the theologian. The prophet, he is a reflector of God’s Word. He can’t say nothing; he can’t say his own thoughts. He can only speak what God reveals. Even to the prophet Balaam when he was tried to be sold, sell his right, he said, ‘How can any prophet say anything but what God puts in his mouth?’ It’s a thing that God does, that you can’t say nothing else. And you’re born that way. (…) But nobody set before a prophet, ’cause he was—he was absolutely the Word of God. He was that Word in his day. You seen God reflect.”



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Friday, June 17, 1988

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Now, in each age or dispensation, we have already seen everything that is carried out by the Word that a man speaks, because God placed It in that man’s mouth; that is how the ages and dispensations emerged. And that is why “the Lord will do nothing, except He first reveals His secrets to His servants His prophets,” so that they may speak that Word, and the Divine Program is carried out.

By the spoken Word, the Red Sea was parted.1 By the spoken Word, the Jordan was stopped when the feet of the priests with the ark touched the water2 (and remember that the ark also represents the Word). By the spoken Word, the storm ceased when Jesus said: “Be still” to the storm.3 And by the spoken Word the bars that imprison people —in the spiritual or religious sense— will be broken, and the people who are to be set free in the end time will be set free.4

The seventh messenger had a clear vision of what the spoken Word is. And the Third Pull is the spoken Word, it is the King’s Sword; it is that Word that has to be spoken in the end time so that the whole Divine Program established for this time can be carried out.

The liberation of the people, of the people, the resurrection of the dead, the transformation of the living, all that is in liberation; that is why it is represented in the year of jubilee or of liberation.

And in our time we can only hope for one thing to make possible all that God has promised to carry out in the end time: we only need to hear the spoken Word relevant to this end time. When we hear that, then the materialization of what has been promised for the end time will take place in the person; that creative Word will create what God has promised for each person.

Printed in Puerto Rico

1 Exodus 14:21

2 Joshua 3:14-16

3 Mark 4:39

4 65-1126 Works is faith expressed, paragraphs 24-36