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Dr. William Soto Santiago

Thursday, June 25, 1998

Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

Source Scripture: Matthew 7:13-14



The Breach – Page 111

Rev. William M. Branham

312 Lord Jesus, the hours are growing late. It may be even later than we are thinking. And we are happy to see this hour approaching. It is the most glorious hour that the world has ever known, for the believer. But, for the rejecter, the most saddest time that could ever be. There couldn’t find words in the alphabet, letters to make words, that could express the trouble and sorrow that lays ahead. And neither is there words could be formed, from our alphabet, to express blessings that lays ahead for the believer.

313 Father, there may be some, tonight, here without hope. And they are intelligent human beings. And now if the Blood still lays on the Mercy Seat, let the Lamb walk out from the Throne, to their heart, tonight, and reveal to them that they are lost. And with Bloody hands, say, “Come, while it is time to come.”

314 I commit the Message, Lord, with my prayer, to Your hands. Do whatever You will, Father, in Jesus’ Name.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, May 2, 1982

Maturin, Monagas, Venezuela

We find that all problems have a solution. We find that there is always a way out of every crossroads where human beings find themselves. We are living here on Earth all together; the problem of one affects the others.

Now (I didn’t conclude what I was talking about Noah), the problem that would come upon mankind would affect Noah and his family, but God gave him the solution to that problem; and he announced, both the problem that would come and the solution as well; and there was the divine love being expressed through Noah.

(…) That is what we really need: To let love express itself in all our earthly works, because then God will really be moving in the midst of all of us and through each one of us. And then, if life is a miracle of love, the life lived by you will be a miracle of love already expressed, it will be the expression of love.

We must be careful in that so that it is so, so that everything we do and in everything we move we can see love manifested. Do nothing out of strife, out of jealousy; do nothing out of anger or in anger, but in love; thus we will reach the goal that we have, and thus God’s goal for those who live on this Earth will be completed.

(…) Now, many people or some ignorant people, some people who suffer here on Earth, say: “I suffer so much here on Earth that I don’t care about anything. I suffer so much here on Earth and I have so many problems that I don’t care about anything, I don’t care about going to hell.” But look, if you suffer so much here on Earth, which is not as bad as hell, what will it be like in hell!?

So then it seems that you are not tired of suffering, because if after suffering here on Earth, you don’t care anything about going there (to hell, which is so bad)… Rather, the person should be wise, understanding, and say: “I am tired of so much suffering, of so much struggle, and I would like a rest at some time; and the only place where there will be rest and peace and happiness will be in the Kingdom of God, because one will live for all eternity. Therefore, I want to have hope; I want, then, with genuine faith to believe in the Word of God; because, although I suffer much here, I don’t want to go to hell, where there will be more suffering. I am tired of suffering here, I want to go to Heaven, I want to go to Paradise, I want to go to a place where there is peace, where there is happiness, where all there is is divine love manifested.”

That is the correct way for the human being to think. And the one who suffers the most should think, with more reason, in that way, because what he wants is to end his sufferings, his problems; and the only way will be to have a part in the Plan that God has for the time in which we live, so that later he will have a part in eternity; because his works that he does here on Earth, will continue with them.


BOOK OF QUOTATIONS (in Spanish) – Page 171


Tucson, AZ, 12-12-65

Rev. William M. Branham

1539 – “You know, the hour will soon arise when—when right among us will be… the Holy Spirit will speak out like It did in Ananias and Sapphira. Remember, see, that hour is arriving. See? And we are… Now, you just remember that, see, that God is going to dwell among His people.”



(Ministerial Meeting)

Dr. William Soto Santiago

Saturday, November 1, 1997

Santiago de Chile, Chile

“And I said, ‘Well, why can’t I see Jesus?’

Said, ‘Well, now, He will—He will come someday. And He’ll come to you, first, and then you’ll be judged.’ Said, ‘These people are your converts that you have led.’

Brother Branham said: ‘You mean, by being a leader, that I… that He’ll judge me? (He was surprised by those words that were said to him, that he had to be judged. And that shouldn’t surprise you either).’

Said, ‘Yes.’

And I said, ‘Does every leader have to be judged like that?’

Said, ‘Yes.’

I said, ‘What about Paul?’

He said, ‘He’ll have to be judged with his’ (In other words, not only the messenger will be judged, but his people as well: he will have to be judged with his people).”

(…) We have seen that there will be a judgment for all those who have been the messengers of each stage, and they will be judged with their age group; and there, if they do well, they will return to Earth in eternal bodies; if they don’t do well, they will not return. And if any of the age group doesn’t do well, then the messenger can’t bring them here. So you see how that judgment will be for them.

And how will it be for us, being here on Earth? Because the judgment begins where? In the House of God. That is a judgment in the House of God for those of the past ages and for those who live here on Earth.

So at the end of our labor we will see —in that judgment that He will give us— whether we will enter or not. Therefore let each one be careful; for the Scripture says, Saint Paul says, that each one’s work will be tested, and the fire will test it; and it says that the work of some will be burned up.1

So you have to be aware of this reality, and work in the Work of Christ with divine love and with reverence, with respect and with holiness in the Work of the Lord, aware that we are not working for any person here on Earth, but for God; and He expects a correct behavior from all of us; that we don’t get into trouble or look for trouble, but that we work being faithful to Christ and His Work in the time we are allotted to live in.

And always avoiding doing things that will be a stumbling block to the Lord’s Church.

Never thinking as any person may think: “He who stumbles, let him stumble.” That is an irresponsible attitude and thought; for which he will have to give an account to God.

We can’t be stumbling stones, but of blessing for all the sons and daughters of God; always helping each other in everything, and knowing that at the end of the road, at the end of our work, and at the end of the work of the Work of Christ in this Last Day, in the Age of the Cornerstone, comes that little part, where those who are in Paradise, the messengers with their group, will be judged, and we also here on Earth.

It will be that before entering; because after we are already in the theophanic body and eternal physical body, there will already be the judgment of the distribution of rewards (in other words, it will no longer be a judgment as to whether we are going to enter or not). But before entering the new body, something will be happening. Because if for those who are in Paradise, who are already there, and who are known to have their theophanic bodies, they will go through a judgment, the messenger with his group will go through a judgment, Jesus Christ will judge each one of them, how much more us who are still here on Earth working in His Work!

And the judgment begins from where? From the House of God. And then the judgment of the great tribulation will continue for the world.

So before the divine judgment falls upon humanity in the great tribulation, know that the messengers with their group will be judged; those who are in Paradise and us here on Earth as well.

Therefore, let us have everything well arranged, well in order, so that when that time comes, we will have done the Work that God has given us to do and we will present a good account before Christ.

Remember that He judges our heart. So no one can say to Him: “No, I did this for this and for this.” He knows why we have done every single thing we have done in His Work. So He will have no need for you to tell Him why you did it, because He sees it in the heart; and according to the intention of your heart in everything you have done in your life here, and in your ministerial work, Christ will judge you and me too.

So we are all going to go through that stage. And my best advice is to be how? Prepared. And let us work with divine love, always praying to our Lord and consecrating our lives to Christ, and keeping our home in order, loving our wives, and treating them with delicacy, speaking to them with right words, treating them well (as a wife should be treated); and avoiding problems with our wives, with our family; because at the end of the road Christ is going to call us to judgment, and in a forewarned war they say that people don’t die.

So don’t think that you can jump and jump, and then get away with it. That is not so. He will call us to judgment at the end of the road, and there we will answer for everything we have done.

It is like in supermarkets, that any person can say…, he goes with his cart and can say: “They are not looking at me, I am going to take this (and he puts it in the cart; and he looks…). They are not looking at me, I am going to take this other thing,” he continues throwing in his cart; and when he is about to leave, well, there is the cashier, so that you pay for everything you took.

If you, because you had free will, you see, you took everything that was there; but at the end you have to go to the cashier, and there they will charge you every penny; they will not spare you a single penny.

It is, let’s say, 99 dollars and 99 cents; or 99 dollars and 1 cent. You have to look for the penny to pay that penny, because it is not going to be out of balance because you don’t have the penny.

So you see that we have a responsibility before Christ. He is the one who is going to judge, and we are going to be there, we are going to be there for that moment. And the thing is that before being transformed comes that little moment, as far as I have been seeing; because it also comes for those who are in Paradise before receiving the eternal body.

So if they have to go through that stage, how much more we who are here! to be able to have a change of body. So be prepared for that moment.

My desire is that everybody will receive the new body; and all your congregations, and all the people in your congregations, will receive the new body also; for I am not working so that afterwards people will stay here without the new body. I am working in the Work of Christ for that purpose: For the transformation of our bodies; that is why Christ has sent me to you: To bring you the Word and give you all the divine counsel to be transformed in this Last Day and go to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

So I am on behalf of all of you to have the new body; but remember: do according to the Word, follow the counsel of the Word of God. Don’t jump and leap, and then be waiting for a new body. Stay true to Christ and His Word. And remember what God spoke through His prophets and apostles, and through the messengers; that is also for our time.

So stay faithful to Christ and turn away from everything that is displeasing to God. And all things displeasing to God are written there in the Bible. Secure your future well, secure everything well, so that you will come out all right in that time that is to come.

Now, how is everything going to develop? I don’t know. But one thing I know, and that is what God said through our brother Branham: That the days of Ananias and Sapphira will return. And if that is not the judgment of God beginning with His House, then I don’t know what is the judgment of God.

So remember: there will come a time when that will be repeating itself on a larger scale. And all that we saw back in the time of the apostles, both Saint Peter and the other apostles, and Saint Paul, all that divine judgment that we have seen partially manifested in the time of the apostles and the seven angel messengers, and in the time of Jesus, and the time of the prophets of the Old Testament, all that returns for this end time. And it begins where? At the House of God.

Look at how Aaron’s sons also died by divine judgment. Where were they? In the House of God.

So we have to be alert so that we are not taken by surprise and someone goes to be in the line of divine judgment to receive divine judgment. Rather let us be with our faults and sins washed in the Blood of Christ, and thus justified and sanctified by Christ on this Last Day, so that not even the remembrance of sin is found in us. And walking according to His will.

Saint Paul says: “He that lied, let him lie no more”2; and he that did any other wicked thing, let him do it no more; and let him live righteous and holy lives in the presence of the Lord. The time will come when there will be no opportunity to wash away our faults and sins; and already, from then on, the judgment of God is what awaits every person.

So be alert, because from one moment to another it will happen.

When the Lamb comes forth from the Throne of Intercession, there will no longer be room to say: “Lord, forgive me of this or that.” There is no more opportunity. From then on each one will receive the divine judgment according to his deeds. And whoever doesn’t have his sins washed away before that happens, well, he will have them; there will be no place to wash them away.

It is like a person who has his dirty clothes and says: “I am going to wash them, I am going to take them to the laundry”; but he waits a long time and when he says: “I am going to take them now, this is the moment I had to take them”; and when he arrives, they are closed. He is left with the dirty clothes; there is no more opportunity for anything.

And that is very close. Soon that will happen, and there will be no more opportunity. So let us be prepared, as the Scripture says, to be transformed in this Last Day.

Printed in Puerto Rico

1 1 Corinthians 3:13-15

2 Ephesians 4:17-32

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