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Dr. William Soto Santiago

Friday, July 9, 1999

Chiclayo, Lambayeque, Peru

Source Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-2


God hiding Himself in simplicity… – Pages 60-61

Rev. William M. Branham

405 Now, when man, before he sinned. I’m closing, but don’t you miss it. When man sinned, he separated himself from God, and crossed the great chasm, and put hisself in death on this side. He left. There is no way back. Exactly. There is no way for him to get back. But then when he did, God accepted a substitute, which was a lamb, or a goat, or a sheep, or something, for blood; which Adam spoke of, or—or Abel spoke of, on the other side of the chasm.

406 On that side, he’s a son of God. He’s an offspring from God. He is an inheritance of the earth. He can control nature. He can speak into existence. Why, he’s a creator, himself. He’s an offspring of God.

407 But, when he crossed, he separated his sonship. He’s a sinner, by nature. He’s under the hands and dominion of Satan.

408 And God took a sacrifice, a chemical, of the blood, but the blood of bulls and goats did not divorce sin. It only covered sin. If I’ve got a red spot on my hand, and cover it with white, the red spot is still there. See, it’s still there.

409 But God sent down, from Heaven, a bleach for sin. It was the Blood of His Own Son. That, when our confessed sin drops into God’s bleach, try to find it again! The coloring of sin goes back through the mediators, and down through the time, until it hits the accuser, Satan, and lays on him till the Day of the Judgment.

410 What happens to the son? He becomes in perfect fellowship with the Father again, standing on the other side of the chasm, with no remembrance of sin against him. No more, there is no more stain of bleach can be seen anywhere. He is free. Hallelujah! Just as that Clorox, or that ink can never be ink no more, because it’s broke up and sent back again. And when confessed sin is confessed and been dipped into the… A man or a woman that’s been dipped into the Blood of Jesus Christ, it kills all symptoms. And every molecule of sin goes back to the devil, and laid on him till that Day of Judgment, where his Eternal destination will be throwed into a Lake of Fire. And the chasm is bridged, and never to come in remembrance no more. And a man stands justified, as a son of God. Simplicity!



Pages 38-39

The Battle

Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, February 5, 1978

Cayey, Puerto Rico

On one occasion an Indian who had been converted through the ministry of brother Branham, came and was talking to brother Branham, and he said that inside him he found and felt a struggle, a battle; and he explained to him, you know, in a symbolic way: He said that inside him there was a battle of two dogs, and he said that one was white and the other was black; and he said that those two dogs there inside him were fighting, were wrestling; and then brother Branham asked him: “And how is the battle going? Which one is winning the battle?” Then, it seems to me that it was the Indian who was telling him: “Well, it all depends on which one of those two sides I am on.”

If he sides with the white dog, then the battle would be in favor of the white dog; but if he sides with the black dog, then the battle would be in favor of the black dog. The black dog, you know the Indian wanted that to mean that the black dog was the devil, and the white dog was the Lord, was God. And then this Indian or this Indian chief felt that struggle and that battle, just as we feel it.

But let’s be on the white dog’s side, let’s be on our God’s side, let’s be on His Word’s side; and always with an “Amen!” to what God says in His Word, and with a: NO, absolutely, against everything that the devil wants to make us believe, or make us accept, or make us do.

And even if you feel like the battle is so hard that you think the battle is going to be lost in your life, always continue forward, and always take the side of God’s Word. And even if you make mistakes or faults, never in your heart accept those things as your own. Even if you do fall into faults or mistakes, you must recognize that it is because we are still in these earthly bodies; and since we are in these earthly bodies, that is why the devil can get in there, to make us fall into faults and mistakes; and that is the weak spot of every child of God that is left here on Earth.

Therefore, no matter how many times you commit the same fault: Repent of it.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, April 10, 1977

Tent service,

Cayey, Puerto Rico

See that the Thunders have to pronounce their voices first? And then there will be a group that will be able to take that Word of the Thunders, that Message of the Thunders, and place it right, have it placed correctly; and then you can cut, you can go, you can do all that God has promised He is going to do through that little group. So it will be God through human flesh that will be able to do all that He promised He would do.

To belittle, reject or blaspheme against that little group is a sad thing. It’s the same thing God said in relation to Israel: “Those who bless you will be blessed, and those who curse you will be cursed.” See?

And then, it will be fulfilled: “Whoever gives a glass of cold water to one of these my little ones, will not lose his reward.” And then in the Final Judgment those who are placed on the right side also appear, and they ask: “Well, and why are we here? Why do You say that when You were hungry we gave You food, when You were thirsty we gave You to drink?” He tells them: “Because You did it to one of these my little ones, You did it to me.”

Do you see that when one fails against God, or when one speaks against God, or when one blasphemes against God, or when one rebels against God, it is when one rebels against those whose faith has been anointed, and who are the instruments of God for that time? Because God is in those veils of flesh. To speak a word against them is to speak against God; to speak in favor is to speak in favor of God. To feed one of those little ones, is to feed the Lord; to not feed them when they need, is to not feed the Lord. And everything has its reward.

The reward of those who give to God through human flesh, and act correctly, the reward is very great, it is a very great blessing; but the reward for those who do not act correctly, but rebel against them, their reward is very sad; it is something with which they are not satisfied when they are going to receive it, but the Lord says to them: “Well, when you made one of these little ones, when you did something against them, you did it against Me. When you didn’t do something for them, you didn’t do it for me.”

Now, look at the time we are in, look at the people who are going to be blessed because of their good behavior in relation to the Lord’s chosen group. Also look at the sadness that there will be for some people because of their bad behavior in relation to the Lord’s chosen group.

Now, we see that when God was in the midst of the people of Israel through Moses, and using Moses for the benefit of the people, well, there was no attraction in them, because like all other people, like all other nations, we find that they had their bad parts. See? And the devil, well, was the one that would be trying to discourage the people because of the bad parts, the bad things that the people had; but God says that He looked at them from the Rock, and He didn’t see fault in them. See?

Therefore, if God looked at them from the Rock, from the Top of the Mountain, then God finds no fault with them; then that is why God has a way to fix the bad parts that we have. He had it then and He has it today.

But when God looks at His people, He looks at them from the Top of the Mountain. Whoever stands, from outside, whoever stands to criticize the faults of God’s children, whoever does that, is looking for tremendous trouble; for he who blesses them, will be blessed; he who curses them, will be cursed. So rather, our faults, our mistakes, we fix them ourselves, according to the plan and order that God has given us to fix all of that. See?

And each of us: As a faithful brother to each other. Our faults, though we know them of one another, we leave them alone and don’t bring them out, into the world, so that no one from the outside has the right to point out the faults of the brethren. Anyone who brings it out has brought tremendous trouble with God as well. To take them out of us, if we know it, well that is not… Rather, that is a matter here among brethren; for we ourselves know that we have our faults and that we can’t cover them up (as people say) we can’t cover up the sky with our hands. I have them, you have them, we all have them; but we commend one another to the Lord.

We know that even with our faults, even with all that, we know that we are the Lord’s people. And He, who chose us, didn’t He know that we would have our faults? Of course He did. But yet He said: “These are my children.” And since we are in the Age of the Cornerstone, which is the Age of Love, Love covers a multitude of sins.

Therefore, then, although we know each other, even if we know our own faults about each other, that is no reason to criticize each other. For when you point out the straw that your brother has, it is because you must have some beam. So here, then, none of us can throw stones at each other, for he who has more and he who has less has his fault.

But we each hope that the Lord, as we go about arranging everything, will have mercy on us; and that this will not be registered before God, but will have been thrown into the sea of oblivion; therefore, what we do here is to help each other. So no one here becomes holier than the other.

The only thing we can do and proclaim here is, the only thing we can say is: “God has been merciful with us.” For he who is more or less, deserved hell; but by the choice of God, for the lines have fallen to us in pleasant places, and great is the inheritance that has fallen to us, because He has mercy on whom He has mercy, and He has had mercy on us. And if that is not something great, then I don’t know what is something great for us.

Printed in Puerto Rico