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Dr. William Soto Santiago

Monday, October 19, 1998

(Second activity)

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Source Scripture: Revelation 1:1-3


BOOK OF QUOTATIONS (in Spanish) – Page 41

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Jeffersonville, IN, 12-4-60

Rev. William M. Branham

330 – “And it was sent to the… ‘And signified this by his angel unto John.’ We do not know who the angel was. The Bible doesn’t say who the angel was. But we know that it was a prophet, ’cause the Bible later said, that, ‘I Jesus have sent my angel to testify these things which must shortly come to pass.’ Then we find out that when John started to worship the angel, the angel said, ‘See that you do it not.’ Revelation 22, I believe it is. And he said, ‘For I am of thy fellowservants and of the prophets.’ It might have been Elijah. It might have been one of the prophets. John was an apostle. But this prophet was sent. And John, being an apostle, look at the nature of the rest of his epistles, prove that it wasn’t John wrote it, because it has no nature like John. Take First John, Second John, so forth, and read it. And look at the nature of that, then look at the nature of this. John was a writer and was an apostle, but this is the spirit of a prophet. It’s a different person, altogether.”



The Fifth Seal – Page 384

Rev. William M. Branham

[454] Moses will be the same person.

Now, and we find out, in Revelation 22:8, the same thing.

455 Now, or to settle it, for those who… Those souls (now watch this) under the altar, of the breaking of this Seal, that had been slain in the time between the death of Christ and the going up of the Church; the Eichmann group, and all that, them true Jews with their names on the Book.


Introduction to the topic


Dr. William Soto Santiago

Friday, January 5, 2018

Cayey, Puerto Rico

The Stone with a new name is Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One, in His Second Coming; which will be of blessing for Christianity and Judaism, because with the revelation of the Coming of the Stone not cut by hands we find that for Christianity and Judaism, will bring the faith for the believers in Christ to receive the rapturing faith, the faith to changed and taken with Christ to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; and for the earthly kingdom of the gentiles, it will also mark the end of the kingdom of the gentiles, for the preparation and establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, November 7, 1976

Cayey, Puerto Rico

And what is “sealed in their foreheads”? Sealed in their foreheads is a simple thing.

Look at what is the mark of the beast, the seal of the beast: The mark of the beast in the forehead and in the hand, is what? In the forehead: to have the doctrine of the trinity. To have that doctrine and to believe it (that doctrine) is to have (what?) that mark in their forehead; because it is in the forehead, in the head, in the mind, that they have what? They have that teaching, that false teaching. And in the hand: it is to do the will of the beast.

Now you see that the Angel of the Lord also, what does He do? What He does is that He seals the elect in the forehead. What does He seal them with? With the genuine revelation of the Word, see? He seals them with the Word. Then they have, what? The revelation. They have it. And since they have it, they are sealed then (where?) in the forehead. Do you see?

Then, the 144,000 will also be sealed in the forehead.

You know, we no longer think that it is a literal seal that will be put on them, but it is the Seal of the revelation, which will be given to them, they will receive it; and when they receive it, well, that is to be sealed in the forehead.

What about you and me? Oh! We as individuals also, what is happening? We are being sealed; where? In the forehead: with the revelation of the Word of God.

Now, notice, back in the time of the deliverance of God’s people, God sent them (what?) a prophet; because God was to manifest Himself (how?) as Deliverer: “I am come down to deliver my people.”

Therefore, in order for Him to carry it out, then He had to get a flesh, a human body; and then through that human body He (God) would do all that He promised.

Moses was not doing anything, it was God through Moses. Moses was a man like us, see? He was a human being like us; with his faults, his weaknesses; but the one who was with him and in him, that was not a man, that was God.



(Ministerial Meeting)

Dr. William Soto Santiago

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bogota, Colombia

Remember, the Thunders will reveal to the Church the mystery of His Coming, the mystery of the Seventh Seal; and will give her a revival, an awakening. And the Seven Thunders are the Voice of Christ, the Mighty Angel that descends from Heaven with the little Book open in His hand, crying as when a lion roars and seven thunders uttering their voices***Revelation 10:1-3: Christ speaking with the Voice of a Lion, crying (roaring as when a lion roars), and Seven Thunders uttering their voices.

Reverend William Branham says that the Seven Thunders contain the mystery of the Seventh Seal; therefore, with the revelation of the mystery of the Seventh Seal that will give us the seven voices of the Mighty Angel, of Christ in the Last Day, will give us the faith to be transformed, will reveal to us the mystery of His Second Coming, the mystery of His Visit for His encounter with His Church in the Last Day.

We need to know those mysteries that are going to be revealed in the Third Pull (called by Reverend William Branham), in the fulfillment of the Tent Vision; therefore, there is much blessing for that time of the fulfillment of the Tent Vision.

Without the fulfillment of the Tent Vision we can’t be transformed, because that is where we will be given the faith to be transformed, the rapturing faith. Therefore, we are supporting the project of that Vision that was shown to Reverend William Branham, to be fulfilled in the midst of Christianity in the end time.

Without the fulfillment of that Vision, there is no resurrection, nor is there transformation or rapture for the believers in Christ in the Last Day. As simple as that. And that Vision will be fulfilled in the Last Day, in the Age of the Cornerstone stage, in the midst of the believers who will be in the Cornerstone stage.

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