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Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, July 5, 1998

(Second activity)

Bogotá, Colombia

Source Scripture: Genesis 4:25-26


BOOK OF QUOTATIONS (in Spanish) – Page 44

The Pergamean Church Age

Jeffersonville, IN., 12-7-60

Rev. William M. Branham

377 – “And when—when the Nicolaitanes set up their leader and put a marble stone at his feet (See?), God set up His Spirit-filled leader for His Spirit-filled group; His angel; and It set upon him a seal of a name, but he mustn’t reveal it. He must keep it to himself, see. ‘No man knows but himself.’ ‘Hidden manna, a stone, a new name that no man knows but he himself,’ and it was addressed to the angel of the church. I wonder if Luther knowed that? I wonder if Wesley knowed it? I wonder if—if the other great angels? And I wonder today, if in the… Coming in the world soon, the great angel of Light that’ll come to us, that’ll lead us out, a great Holy Spirit, come in power, and will lead us to the Lord Jesus Christ. He probably won’t know it, but he’ll be here some of these days. He’ll make… God will make him known.”


BOOK OF QUOTATIONS (in Spanish) – Page 46

The Philadelphian Church Age

Jeffersonville, IN., 12-10-60

Rev. William M. Branham

394 – “‘…and I will write upon him my new name.’ I better leave that alone, hadn’t I? All right. Notice, ‘him’ there is singular. Now if you’ll go back to Revelation 2:17…”


BOOK OF THE AGES – The Philadelphian Church Age – Page 354

Rev. William M. Branham

“And I will write my NEW Name upon him.” My New Name. When ALL becomes new, then He will take upon Him a new Name and that Name will be the Name of the bride also. What that Name is, none dare conjecture. It would have to be a revelation of the Spirit given so conclusively that none would dare deny it. But no doubt He will leave that revelation to the day when He desires to give that Name forth. Suffice it to know that it will be more wonderful than we could ever imagine.


Revelation 3:13, “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.”


A MAN WHO CAN TURN ON THE LIGHT (Ministerial Meeting)

Dr. William Soto Santiago

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Via telephone to Villahermosa, Mexico

It will be in a time of anguish, of persecution, where the Third Pull will become a reality, and the promise is also that there will be a Great Tent Cathedral. And the Third Pull will be fulfilled there, the Angel of the Covenant will be there, the Pillar of Fire will be there, the Angel that accompanied the Reverend William Branham will be there, and he also entered into that place and saw what was happening, not only on the outside but inside, in the small room. And the Angel then says to him: “Do you remember the Name that you were looking for when you had the vision?”; in other words, the Tent Vision, Name that he was looking for in the little room. It must be that the Eternal Name of God, the New Name of the Lord Jesus Christ will be there.


BOOK OF THE SEALS – The Seventh Seal – Page 563

Rev. William M. Branham

308 Remember, the seventh Messenger was…The seven Messengers was…The noted One to me, the seventh Angel, It seemed more to me than any. Now, see, they were standing like this. Now, we just want you to notice. And I was standing here, and I was watching those other…

309 See, one, first bunch, of little birds, feathers all beat down. You remember them? And they all flew eastward. And the second bunch, were brighter, bigger birds, looked like doves, pointed wings. They flew eastward. First Pull, Second Pull, then the next was Angels. And as…

310 I was standing right there, and this explosion left. And I was looking this way, towards the west, and They come and just picked me up, in There. I went plumb out of my knowing. And the one of Them, coming, was the One that looked so strange to me, was the One on my…Be to the left, where I entered the constellation at. But counting from the left to the right, it would have been the seventh Angel, see, coming across. Now, remember, the seven Messengers.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, September 19, 1999 – (Second activity)

Guatemala City, Guatemala

The Eternal Name of God is a great mystery. Look at how long the human race has been living after the fall, about six thousand years, and not even the great theologians have been able to find the correct pronunciation of the Eternal Name of God; but now Christ promises to write it upon the overcomer, to give it to the overcomer in a little white Stone, give it in the little white Stone of the Second Coming of Christ, because that is where the New Name comes: In Christ, the Angel of the Covenant, in His Second Coming.

Now, with that Name manifested in the Angel of the Lord, the Angel of the Covenant, in the Work that He will be doing in the Last Day, the entire Divine Program for the Last Day will be carried out. And that Program is carried out in the New Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is the Eternal Name of God. And the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ will work in that Name, he will work in that Name; because Christ, the Angel of the Covenant, will be using His Angel Messenger, and Christ will be carrying out through His Angel His Work for the Last Day, in the New Name of that little white Stone, which is the Eternal Name of God.

That is why for the Tent Vision that Reverend William Branham had, and the fulfillment of it, there was a name that he was looking for. The Angel said to him: “Do you remember the name that you were looking for when you had the Tent Vision?”

Let’s see where we find this. On page 40, verse 321, of the book of Quotations, it says… it shows everything that will be happening; because that is going to be fulfilled at some point; and that will be when the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ is adopted; because that will be the instrument that Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Angel of the Covenant, will be using for the fulfillment of the Tent Vision.

And now, he was suspended in the air watching everything that was going on; therefore, it wasn’t him ministering, it was somebody else. He says, let’s see… when he went away from him, he says…

(Here, if you later find the whole Tent Vision and read that part, so as not to read too much). There was a lady being carried on a stretcher, she was a lady who couldn’t walk; and then, when she went into that small room, when she came out she was pushing the stretcher. And they asked her…, a lady who was with a tape recorder interviewing the people who were coming out, asked her: “What happened?”, and she said: “I don’t know what happened, I don’t know…” She had no explanation to what happened; but she could say that she was in that condition before, but now she was fine, but she didn’t know how it happened.

Then, a man who was on crutches, when he went into the little room, then when he came out he came out without using the crutches; and they asked him how it happened and what happened, and he said he didn’t know what happened but that he was fine. It says:

321 – “And I looked, and here went that real soft Light moving away from me (that is, it left him. It was the Light that accompanied him, the Pillar of Fire, but it left him to go to another place) and went down and went into that little building. And then there’s something different between the Light and the Angel, ’cause He was still here with me, and the Light had went into the building. And this Angel still speaking behind me, which is a big Man, and He said (remember that He is a man from another dimension, from the sixth dimension), ‘I will meet you in there.’… So then I said, ‘I don’t understand why in there.’ He said, ‘Watch.’ And this woman when she come out of there on the ambulance stretcher, she was pushing the stretcher out the other side. And she said… The lady asked her with the—the… Said (that is, the woman standing outside with a tape recorder asking those leaving what had happened), ‘What—what happened?’ She said, ‘I don’t know. It just happened.’ She said, ‘I’ve been in this stretcher.’ Said, ‘I’ve been down in bed for years.’ And here come the man out packing his crutches. And they asked him what (they asked him what happened), said he didn’t know. And he was coming to the platform to testify. And I said, ‘I don’t understand that in there (in other words: ‘I don’t understand why in that small place’).’”

Remember that God has always manifested Himself in small things. A temple as big as the one Solomon built, and yet God’s dwelling place was the most holy place, a small place; and upon the mercy seat, God was there dwelling.

We continue reading; he says he didn’t understand that there, he says:

“And watch, He’s always Scriptural (the Angel who accompanied him is always scriptural). He said, ‘Did not our Lord say, ‘When thou prayest be not like the hypocrites that like to make a show.’ Said, ‘Enter into the secret closet, and when you’ve done so, close the door. Then pray to your Father what seeth in secret and He that seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.’’ And He said, ‘You remember that name that you were hunting that time that you dreamed about?’”

There you have it: He was looking for a name when he dreamed of the Tent. It can be no other name more important than the New Name of the Lord. And in there, for that Third Pull and the fulfillment of that Tent Vision, the name he was looking for will be there: The New Name of Jesus Christ, which is the Eternal Name of God.

And the one who will have received that little white Stone with the New Name, is the one who will have received the bright and Morning Star, and he is the one who will have received the Name of our God, and the Name of the City of our God, and the New Name of the Lord Jesus Christ written upon him.

That person will be there, that messenger; and that will be the instrument of Christ for the fulfillment of that prophecy; because that will be the Angel Messenger of the Lord Jesus Christ, who will be adopted; and through him Christ will fulfill the Tent Vision in all its fullness; and he will also fulfill the call to the Hebrew people, 144,000 Hebrews, as well as fulfill all the other promises that He has made.

But remember that the one who fulfills the promises is Christ, the Angel of the Covenant, the Angel of the Lord. The Angel Messenger of Jesus Christ is only the instrument of Christ for the manifestation of Christ through human flesh, to speak to His Church, to His people, and to make known to them all these things that must come to pass.

The Angel of Jesus Christ is the instrument of Christ for this end time; as the angel of Jesus Christ for each age was the messenger of each age, through which Christ worked in each age. And through His Angel Messenger, in the Last Day, Christ will be working in the midst of His people, in the midst of His Church; and then in the midst of the Hebrew people.

Now, we have seen the name he was looking for. And we are going to see a little bit more of that name. In order for you to have a clear picture, let’s turn to page… Let’s see which page, so that we have a clear picture: Page 26 of the book of Quotations, verse 216; in order not to read too much, I will read at the end, where it says:

216 – “So, seemingly, maybe, I will continue on until that maybe the tent starts, or wherever it is He has chosen to begin to declare His Name in a new way.”

To declare His Name in a new way, is to declare His Name, to reveal His New Name; that is a new way. The Name of the Lord Jesus Christ in a new way is the New Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Wait until the Angel of Jesus Christ is adopted, and then you will see the fulfillment of the Tent taking place. And when will it be? It will be for the time when the squeeze comes.

Therefore, let us make good use of the time by eating spiritual food, and growing spiritually and maturing spiritually, as sons and daughters of God.

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