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Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, December 28, 1997

Cayey, Puerto Rico

Source Scripture: Matthew 24:1-3



God hiding Himself in simplicity,… – Pages 13-14

Rev. William M. Branham

76 And, now, David was not permitted to build the temple. He could not do it. But He said, “I’ll raise up from your seed, and he will build the temple, and that temple will be an everlasting temple. And upon your son, the son of David, will be an everlasting kingdom; he’ll control.” Solomon, David’s son in the natural, from his natural strength, built a house unto the Lord, a temple.

77 But when the real Seed of David come, the Son of David, He told them there would come a time that there wouldn’t be one stone left upon the other, of that temple. But He tried to point them to another temple.

78 John, the revelator, over in the Book of Revelation, he saw this Tabernacle. Revelation 21, he saw, “The new Temple coming, descending down from Heaven, adorned as a bride was adorned for her husband. And a Voice out of the Temple, said, ‘Behold, the Tabernacle of God is with men, and God shall be with them, and they’ll wipe all tears from their eyes. And there shall be no more hunger, nor no more sorrow, no more pain or death; for the former things have passed away.’”

79 Then the true Son of David, as we’re going to see in this lessons coming on in this week, will then come to His Temple, the Temple of God, the real Tabernacle which He has gone away to construct now. For, He said, in John 14, “In My Father’s House are many mansions, and I will go…” What did He mean by that? It’s already foreordained. “And I’ll go to prepare a Place for you, and will return back, to receive you unto Myself.” And, of course, we know that’ll be in the great Age to come. And the true Seed of David will take the Throne, which is Jesus Christ, and there will reign over the Church, as His Bride, in the House with Him, and over the twelve tribes of Israel, throughout all Eternity.




Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Cayey, Puerto Rico

Therefore, it doesn’t matter where it is fulfilled, the important thing is that it is fulfilled. And it will be fulfilled in the place where it was seen, where it was shown by God to Reverend William Branham. And we will all be arm in arm working for it to be fulfilled in that place where it was seen.

Therefore, let’s work together in that Divine Program, so that soon we will see the materialization of that Vision and that prophecy that corresponds to the time of the restoration of all things, where the sons and daughters of God for that time will be adopted, they will be transformed, which will be the redemption of the body.

Onward, all working in that Divine Program; and then God will deal with the Hebrew people in due time; but first it is the turn of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. And when the Jews see that full manifestation of God, full manifestation of the Angel of the Covenant in the midst of His Church, in the midst of His Church-Bride, in the midst of His elect, they will say: “This is what we are waiting for; and this is the one we are waiting for.”

First it is the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is the spiritual Temple of Christ, the New Temple, where the glory of God will be manifested in all its fullness.




Dr. William Soto Santiago

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cayey, Puerto Rico

And now, since the time of the destruction of the temple there in Jerusalem, it was the time of the year 70 of the Christian era or common era (as it is called among the Jews), from then on they haven’t had a temple.

Now, in the time of Zerubbabel, before the destruction by Titus Vespasian, it says that the glory of that temple that would be built by Zerubbabel and the high priest Joshua, would be greater than the first glory; and so it would happen.

So also, after the era or Dispensation of Grace begins, we find, looking back to the time when the temple was destroyed, we find that there in Israel the Jews haven’t had a sacrifice being performed in the temple, because there is no temple; and therefore, when God looks at their sins, He sees them, because there is no blood to cover their sins; that has been the problem that Israel has had since the temple was destroyed there in Jerusalem.

And now, there is a New Temple, composed, built with human beings, which is the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ; and it has been being built stage by stage until the end time, where the Most Holy Place is built with living stones: human beings who receive Christ as only and sufficient Savior.

When it is fully built, that work is completed, the glory of God will descend, the presence of God will descend; and that will be God, the Holy Spirit, the Angel of the Covenant, the Messiah, Christ, the Anointed One, coming to His Church and for His Church.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, January 16, 2000

Cayey, Puerto Rico

And now, the New Temple, look at what it is: The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is why the temple or tabernacle built by the prophet Moses is no longer needed, nor the temple built by King Solomon; much less the one built by Herod, which neither had the ark of the covenant nor the mercy seat, and therefore, didn’t have the Pillar of Fire, it didn’t have the presence of God there. But the presence of God came to the temple in human flesh; and when He came to the temple in human flesh, His name was Jesus.

And now, a New Temple has been being built by the Angel of the Lord, the Angel of the Covenant, Jesus Christ our Savior; that is the New Temple that during the Millennial Kingdom will have God dwelling in all His fullness in that Temple, which is the Church of Jesus Christ our Savior.

That is the Temple that will remain for the Millennium and for all eternity: a Temple composed of human beings. And that Temple will be anointed with the fullness of the Holy Spirit in this end time.

That Temple is (as we have seen) the House of God, the dwelling place of God; and God will dwell in all His fullness in that spiritual Temple; and that will be when He adopts His Angel and His children of this end time, and the departed believers when He resurrects them in eternal bodies; and then God will be in His Temple (His spiritual Temple, His Church) in all His fullness. And there we will have the anointing of that spiritual Temple and the anointing of the Most Holy Place of that spiritual Temple.

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