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Dr. William Soto Santiago

Friday, January 16, 1998

Cayey, Puerto Rico

Base scripture: Psalm 19:1-6

STAY WITH THE WORD – Part XVI – Pages 75-76

The Hidden Manna

(Ministers’ Meeting)

Dr. William Soto Santiago

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Monterrey, Mexico

The Age of the Cornerstone is the Most Holy Place of the spiritual Temple of Christ, of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that is where we eat the hidden Manna in this end time.

“THE HIDDEN MANNA.” All of God’s elect will eat of that Manna.

Humanity is hungry and thirsty, not for bread and water, but for hearing the Word of God, and they do not know where to find that Word1; but it is found, where? It must be found in the Most Holy Place of the spiritual Temple of Christ, which is the Age of the Cornerstone. Just as the most holy place of the tabernacle that Moses built and the most holy place of the temple that king Solomon built, was in the west (it corresponds to the west of that temple), so in the west of the Church of Jesus Christ, in Christ’s spiritual Temple, there will be the hidden Manna.

The Church of Jesus Christ has come from East to West, from age to age; and now we are in the West, the American continent, where the Most Holy Place of the Church has been built; it is there where the Book of the Seven Seals will be open, it is there where there will be a man who eats that Book and prophesies over many peoples, nations and tongues, and it is there where they will all come to seek that spiritual food; from there that Word will come out to all nations, and from there the creative Word will come out prophesying over many peoples, nations and tongues.


STAY WITH THE WORD – Part XVI – Pages 43-44

Staying with the one who has the Word of eternal life

Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, February 14, 1999

Quito, Ecuador

And the spiritual Temple of Christ, which has been built by Christ with living stones, with human beings, from stage to stage, in this end time, just as it had different stages: one in Asia Minor, five in Europe and one in North America (the seventh in North America), those stages belong to the Holy Place of the spiritual Temple of Christ.

And now the stage of the Most Holy Place of the spiritual Temple of Christ, where would Christ build it? Remember that they are intertwined; and now the stage of the Most Holy Place is intertwined in this Last Day, and it belongs to the West as well.

Where was the most holy place of the temple built by Moses and the temple built by Solomon? In the occident, that is, in the west; and it is in the West where Jesus Christ builds the Most Holy Place of His spiritual Temple.

See how that construction of the Temple of Jesus Christ has come from the East, the land of Israel, where it began, it went to Asia Minor, then it went to Europe, then it went to North America; in other words, it has come from East to West. And now, where is Christ in the construction of His Temple in the most important part: in the part of the construction of the Most Holy Place? He is in Latin America and the Caribbean; and that is the great blessing for Latin American and Caribbean people in this end time. And what was there is what has to be materialized in the spiritual Temple of Jesus Christ.



The Seventh Seal – Page 554-555

Rev. William M. Branham

238 Notice, the breaking of this Seal was so great, that, Heaven was hushed by It, “in silence, for the space of a half hour.” Now, is It great! What is It? It was hushed, Heavens. There wasn’t a thing moved, for a half hour.

239 Now, a half hour might not be long if you’re having a good time. But, in the suspense of between death and Life, it seemed like a Millennium. It was so great! Jesus never mentioned It. None of the rest of them.

240 John couldn’t even write of It. No, he was forbidden to write here. See, there’s just a… just… He didn’t write It, but this is silence.

241 And the four and twenty elders that stood before God, There, harping with their harps; they quit playing their harps. The Angels hushed their singing, in Heaven.

242 Think! The holy Cherubims and Seraphims, that Isaiah saw It in the temple, with six sets…or three sets of wings. Three… Two over his face, and two over his feet, and flying. And he’s day and night, there, before God, singing, “Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty!” And even when they walked in, or come into the temple, the posts of the temple moved, with their—their presence.

243 And these holy Seraphims hushed up. Angels quit singing. Uh-huh. Whew! Flying in the Presence of God, singing, “Holy, holy, holy,” They shut up. No Angels singing. No praises. No—no altar service. No, nothing. There was silence; hushed, deadly silence in Heaven, for a half hour.

244 All the host of Heaven was silent for this half hour, when this Seventh-Seal mystery in the Book of Redemption was broke open. Think of it. But, It’s broke. The Lamb breaks It. You know what? They were awed by It, I believe. They didn’t know; there It was! They just stopped.

245 Why? What is It?



Pages 367-368

A Temple for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Dr. William Soto Santiago

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Cayey, Puerto Rico

The Reverend William Branham says that there will be a Great Tent Cathedral, where God will manifest Himself; where He will manifest Himself and will manifest the Third Pull, which is the greatest thing in the whole Program of God. And that pertains to the Age of the Throne, the Age of the Cornerstone. And it is easy to know that it pertains to the Age of the Cornerstone, because the seven ages have already passed and it was not fulfilled in any of the seven ages. So it was, for whom?, for us.

Remember that the most holy place was in the western part of the temple built by King Solomon and of the tabernacle built by the prophet Moses; and in the construction of the spiritual Temple of God, which is the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, that construction has come from the East, passing through Israel, Asia Minor, Europe, North America, and now in the territory that also corresponds to the West, to the West: Latin America and the Caribbean.

Look at where the Age of the Cornerstone is being fulfilled. The seventh age was fulfilled in North America, the first age was fulfilled in Asia Minor, and five ages were fulfilled in Europe; everything traveling from East to West, as the sun travels, from East to West. And the sun sets in the West because it ends its journey, and then returns to the East again.

The journey of the Lord as the Sun of Righteousness traveling from the East (and Asia Minor, Europe, North America and Latin America and the Caribbean), is the same journey that the sun makes; because the Lord is represented in the Sun of Righteousness, He is the Sun of Righteousness; therefore, He is represented in the sun: “To those who fear my name the Sun of Righteousness shall arise, and in His wings He shall bring salvation.” (Malachi, chapter 4, verse 2).

In other words, there is a Program already prepared by God since before the foundation of the world, and now we are enjoying the part pertaining to this end time; and we can say: “The lines have fallen to us in delightful places, and great is the inheritance that has been given to us.2



The Revelation of Jesus Christ – Page 36

Rev. William M. Branham

Now, when is the Gospel returning to the Jews? When the day of the Gentiles is finished. The Gospel is ready to go back to the Jews. Oh, if I could just tell you something that is about to happen right in this our day. This great thing that is about to happen will carry over to Revelation 11 and pick up those two witnesses, those two prophets, Moses and Elijah, turning the Gospel back to the Jews. We’re ready for it. Everything is in order. As the Jews brought the message to the Gentiles, even so the Gentiles will take it right back to the Jews, and the Rapture will come.



Page 282

The Sign of the Son of Man in Heaven


Dr. William Soto Santiago

Friday, February 26, 2016

Quito, Ecuador

The sign of the Son of Man in heaven was seen in 1963, in the month of February, 28th day, when seven angels appeared to the Reverend William Branham there in Tucson, Arizona; and he was caught away to be with them. They took him up, they appeared to him and they took him up to that cloud, to that summit conference, where there were seven angels with him; counting him there are eight angel messengers.

He says that one of them was very different from the rest, and he says that the one who was different from the rest was the one who had the Seventh Seal (page 469 of the book of The Seals in Spanish).

In other words, the Angel who was different from the rest has the Seventh Seal, which is the Coming of the Lord; and the sign of the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven was already shown in heaven. The photo of that cloud formed by angels was taken by LIFE magazine and SCIENCE magazine, and was published in North America; and that photo is kept by many believers and also people who would like to know what that such high cloud meant, about 30 miles high3, with 27 miles… or 26 to 27 miles wide4 the cloud5.

In other words, a very big sign, where the Angel who has the Seventh Seal was and where seven other angels were. Along with the angels was the Reverend William Branham (of course, in a spiritual body, theophanic body, in which those angels of God also appeared). They came from the West to the East; and the Reverend William Branham, looking from East to West, saw them in front of him. It is that the Message to the Jews is also represented there.

That is why the Reverend William Branham (who was in the West) was also ordered to go East to Jeffersonville, Indiana, where the Branham Tabernacle is located, to preach The Seals, of the Book sealed with seven seals.

In other words, Israel represented there, where the Reverend William Branham went to preach about the seven Seals, the type and figure was already placed; therefore, when Christ completes His Church He will resurrect them, He will resurrect those who have departed, He will resurrect them in a glorified body; and those who are alive and are alive at that time, and see those who are resurrected: we will be transformed.

Printed in Puerto Rico

1 Amos 8:11-12

2 Psalm 16:6

3 48.3km

4 41.8km

5 (in English)

Link of LIFE magazine (article is on page 112):