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Dr. William Soto Santiago

Wednesday, April 15, 1998

(Second activity)

Dallas, Texas, United States

Source Scripture: Matthew 24:30-39



The Seventh Seal – Page 574

Rev. William M. Branham

[393] Here, now, we find that the Sixth Seal has been opened to us; we see It. And we know that this Seventh Seal cannot be broke to the public until that hour arrive.

394 Now, there was some reason that God let this Seven Voices be thundered. Because, It must come, see. For the…We find that Christ, the Lamb, took the—the Book in His hand, and He opened that Seventh Seal. But, you see, it’s a hidden mystery. No one knows It. But, It—It, right along with what He said, “No one would know His Coming.” They also would not know about this Seven-Thunder mystery. So, you see, it’s connected together.

395 That much, we have an understanding of It, today, because the rest of It is all unfolded; but this is not unfolded. But sitting in my room, and I heard this…or, not heard it, rather, but seen It unfold to this Seven Thunders. Now, that’s as far as we can go, right there.

396 And now I trust that each and every one of you will serve God and do that which is right. And love Him, all your life, and serve Him. And God will take care of the rest.

397 Now, we have, in the completion here now, by the grace of God, all the mysteries of the six Seals that’s been sealed up, and we understand and know here that the Seventh Seal is not to be known to the public.

398 Now, His Coming, at the hour of His Coming, when the destruction of the earth, you know. He said there, “What will be the sign of the coming of the end of the world?” In Matthew 24, there where they asked Him that question. He went down to that. He told about Israel being gathered as a nation, in the 31st verse, of Matthew 24:31. But then He started off on parables, see. Then you see the… “Learn a parable of the fig tree. When you see it putting forth its buds, why, you know spring is nigh. And then when you see this coming to pass, then know the time is nigh.” See, Israel gathering in its own homeland. But, you notice, He omitted the revelation of this Seventh Seal.

399 And here, when the Seventh Seal, when He opened It, He also omitted It again, see. So we see that It is a complete mystery, therefore the hour is not yet for the mystery to be known. Therefore, we’re this far, and the rest of It will be known right around about the time that Jesus appears on earth again, for His Bride, or whatever takes place at that time.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, January 19, 1997 P.M.

Cayey, Puerto Rico

And now, in heaven, in 1963, the sign of the Coming of the Son of Man was shown. The sign of the Son of Man was seen in heaven for the fulfillment of the Coming of the Son of Man on Earth, for the fulfillment of the Coming of the Angel of the Covenant, of the Coming of that Angel who was very different from the rest.

The other angels, notice, had already had their ministry, and the last of the seven angels of the seven ages had only 2 years with about 10 months left to finish his ministry. And there he was, in heaven, the forerunner of the Second Coming of Christ; and he shows that there, in that constellation of angels, there was an Angel very different from the rest, of which it says on page 4691 of the book of The Seals in Spanish, it says: “This Angel, who was very different from the rest, was the one who had the Seventh Seal.” And the Seventh Seal is the Second Coming of Christ.

In other words, when that Angel would be on Earth manifested in human flesh, the Seventh Seal would be manifested on Earth; in other words, the Coming of the Angel of the Covenant would be manifested on Earth in human flesh in the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

From 1963 and on, we find that it was the time parallel to the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ on Earth two thousand years ago.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Tuesday, September 2, 1997

Pajapita, San Marcos, Guatemala

The forerunner of the Second Coming of Christ, on one occasion said: “If North America had recognized and received Christ (for in the manifestation of Christ through His seventh angel messenger, of the seventh age of the gentile Church, in the Work He was carrying out; he says), the Millennium would already be on Earth.”2

And what would have been for North America? Well, the most important position along with that of the Hebrew people. But you see, they let that blessing pass them by.

And then the forerunner of the Second Coming of Christ himself says: “The Spirit of God has fled, has left North America (this nation).”3 And he said even more: “I don’t even pray for North America anymore. I don’t pray for North America anymore…”4

And now, that is a sad thing for a nation: That the messenger that God raises up in that nation, for the age relevant to that nation, can no longer pray for that nation. Why? Because he knows that God will no longer listen to him, because that nation’s time has passed. And the Church, in that age, its time has already passed; it has to wait for another age and —therefore— for another territory where the Spirit of Christ is manifested, carrying out the Work for another stage.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, December 16, 1990

Bogota, Colombia

Now, we have seen how the kingdom of the gentiles has moved from Babylon; and from Babylon to the Medes and the Persians, to Persia; and from the Persians and the Medes, to Greece; and from Greece to Rome. And Rome, in the time of the Lord Jesus Christ carried out the relevant part of that kingdom.

And in this end time the Roman empire is again restored in the kingdom of the gentiles, and will rule for three and a half years under the leadership of the antichrist, in whom the devil will be incarnated.

Now, the plagues, the divine judgments, will fall upon the kingdom of the beast and the image of the beast, and the ten kings that will join the beast; and then the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, at the end of the great tribulation, will begin on this Earth.

Now, the seven stages or ages of the gentile Church, also —which was the Work of the Lord Jesus Christ among the gentiles— had a journey: The first age began in Asia Minor with Saint Paul, it was the Lord Jesus Christ in Saint Paul; and then, from the first age it passed to the second age in Europe; and then the third age in Europe also; the fourth age in Europe; the fifth age and the sixth age in Europe; the Lord Jesus Christ manifesting Himself in each of His messengers of each age.

And after that, the Lord Jesus Christ went to North America in the seventh messenger, our friend and brother William Marrion Branham, in which He carried out the Work relevant to the seventh age and the stage of forerunning the Second Coming of the Lord; and all this in North America, where that Divine Work was carried out.

And then, what happened? Those stages concluded, those ages of the Kingdom of God among the gentiles, the seven stages of the gentile Church ended. And we find that when a stage ended, an age, God called the messenger and the elect of that age, and then sent a plague upon the unbelievers, upon those who had rejected the Message.

But when the seventh gentile Church age has ended, no literal plague has fallen upon North America yet; though it did fall: A spiritual plague has fallen; but the literal one has not yet fallen. That literal plague, that literal judgment, will fall, and there it will be intertwined with the judgment or plagues upon the gentile kingdom.

At that time all the nations upon or through which the seven stages or ages of the gentile Church passed, and also through which the empire of the gentiles passed, and where the empire of the gentiles will be at the end, are nations that are under divine sentence, for the divine judgment of the apocalyptic plagues to fall upon them.

That is why we find that it was said that England will be destroyed, it will sink under water, and North America will explode. North America will also have an earthquake that Los Angeles, California, will disappear under water; and they will have tidal waves so big that they will go far in, in Arizona; and a tenth part of North America will disappear under water: It will be destroyed by the earthquake and the tidal waves, a tenth part.

Now, do you know what one tenth of North America means? Out of fifty-something states, a tenth would be the equivalent of five states or a little more; and that is with the judgment of the earthquake alone; because it is also said that an explosion was heard, and when the seventh messenger looked, what he saw was craters and smoke in North America, and a destruction over North America.5

This also speaks of radioactivity, bombs and all these things, which are appointed for North America, which the seventh gentile church age had and rejected the divine blessing. Therefore, there is no divine blessing left for North America. It rejected the blessing of the seventh stage, of the Age of Laodicea, and it also rejected the stage that foreran the Second Coming of the Lord through His angel messenger William Marrion Branham for North America.

Printed in Puerto Rico

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