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Dr. William Soto Santiago

December 20, 1998

(Second activity)

Cayey, Puerto Rico

Source Scripture: Luke 1:26-38


BOOK OF QUOTATIONS (in Spanish) – Page 33

Mary’s belief

Phoenix, Arizona, 3-11-60

282 – “…and standing there was a Angel, the mighty Gabriel. He’s a messengers to the Jews. Remember, Gabriel announced the first coming of Christ; the Angel Gabriel will announce the second coming of Christ. The Bible said so.”



The Breach… – Page 70

Rev. William M. Branham

29 This Seven-Seal Book is revealed at the time of the Seven Thunders of Revelation 10, now, if you’re marking it down. Let’s turn to Revelation 10, just a moment, so you’ll get an understanding before we get into it. Now, this is at the end time. For, listen:

‘…I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow…upon his head,…’

30 If you notice, that’s Christ, see. Cause, He, in the Old Testament, was called the Angel of the Covenant. And He is directly coming to the Jews now, for the Church is finished. See? All right.

‘…and his face…as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire:…’

31 You remember that Angel in Revelation 1? Same thing. Angel is a “messenger.” And He’s the Messenger to Israel. See? The Church has been raptured, see, now, or fixing to be raptured. He comes for His Church.



The Seventh Seal – Pages 562-563

Rev. William M. Branham

[304] Notice now, for the end-of-time Message, this Seal. After all, He—He has revealed all the six Seals, but He don’t say nothing about the Seventh. And the end-time Seal, when It starts, will be absolutely a total secret, according to the Bible, before knowing That. And remember, Revelation 10:1-7, 1 to 7, chapter 10:1 to 7, “At the end of the seventh angel’s Message, all the mysteries of God would be known.” We’re at the end time, the opening of the Seventh Seal.

305 Now, how did I know? The other day, last Sunday, a week ago today, when I was preaching on “Be humble! Be humble! Remember, God deals in little things.” I didn’t realize what it really was talking about. And now I see it. It is in such a humble way! You would think that something like that would be revealed to the Vatican or…But It comes just like John the Baptist. It comes like the birth of our Lord, in a stable. Glory to God! So help me, the hour is at hand! Amen! We’re here. Oh, my!

306 Now do you see it, the Truth of God’s vision, the seven Angels bringing me from the west? They were coming from the west, coming back east, bringing here for this Message tonight. [Brother Branham knocks on pulpit two times—Ed.] Oh, my!

307 Now, the Voice of that great thunder, and the mission that was brought here, has been revealed, that It…and proven that It was of God. Just think now. I knew not these Seals, and they been revealed this week. Did anybody think of that, of those seven Angels being This, being the Message that was coming forth, them Angels bringing me back here for That? See?

308 Remember, the seventh Messenger was…The seven Messengers was…The noted One to me, the seventh Angel, It seemed more to me than any. Now, see, they were standing like this. Now, we just want you to notice. And I was standing here, and I was watching those other…

309 See, one, first bunch, of little birds, feathers all beat down. You remember them? And they all flew eastward. And the second bunch, were brighter, bigger birds, looked like doves, pointed wings. They flew eastward. First Pull, Second Pull, then the next was Angels.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

September 11, 1994

Santiago de Chile, Chile

…The exact year of Christ’s birth, some say it was in one year, others say it was in another year; and even the month and day when Christ was born, see, some think it was in December, when really it was in spring; because in December there is ice, it is winter time there in Israel, and what there is is snow, and the shepherds have their sheep in the sheepfold and not in the fields; and there were shepherds with their sheep in the field when our Lord Jesus Christ was born.

And if we do the math of the time in which the Archangel Gabriel appeared to Elizabeth, and then the month in which he appeared to Mary, you add nine more months, and you get the month in which our Lord Jesus Christ was born. And those are months of the religious year of the Hebrew people; because if you take it out by the political year or by the governmental year, or civil year of the Hebrew people, then it falls on another date; because the Hebrew people have two calendars: the civil and the religious, and they have a difference of a few months from each other.

So we find that it was the religious year of the Hebrew people, the year in which the Archangel Gabriel appeared to Zechariah, and also the month in which the Archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary.

But look, even though it is there in the Scripture, the theologians still don’t agree to tell the people clearly: “Look, that about it being in the month of December is not true; but the date is a date in spring. And that about it being in December has been placed as a tradition, to place the birth of Christ on the day of the sun god, to try to change the name of the sun god to the name of Jesus.”

They are traditions. And Jesus said: “You invalidate the Word by your traditions.”1 They twist the truth of God’s Word without caring that people are deceived into believing one thing without being true. But the Word, the Bible, bears witness to the truth. “Lord, sanctify them in the truth. Father, Thy Word is truth.”

So the Holy Spirit can’t come to testify of things that are wrong, but to testify of the truth. And the Word of God is the truth.

(…) The truth, when it is discovered, when the truth comes to light, always brings countless problems to all those who have been deceived, to all those who have believed something contrary to the truth.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

September 7, 1997

San Lucas, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

There was the veil of flesh where God would enter, the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit in all His fullness; and He entered when John baptized Him. You see, but the veil of flesh was here on Earth for 29 and a half years. He was there, the mystery of the First Coming of Christ was there manifested; many knew that mystery. Mary knew Him for many years before He was manifested with the fullness of God when John baptized Him and since John baptized Him and on; before that, Mary already knew who the Christ was, who the Messiah was; Mary already had knowledge, knew, the First Coming of Christ, and knew that at a certain stage of the life of Jesus, the fullness of God would come upon Him, the Angel of the Covenant would come in all His fullness in that veil of flesh, and would fully fulfill the First Coming of Christ as the Lamb of God, and would take away the sin of the world. But notice, He would also have to have a ministry of three and a half years.

So you see, Mary could see the whole trajectory since the Archangel Gabriel spoke those words to the virgin Mary. She could see that the child, the person, who would sit on the Throne of David would come through her.

But you see, all these things have different stages, until the time comes for the fulfillment of each one of those promises.

You see, Mary couldn’t see the fulfillment of Christ sitting on the Throne of David while she was alive; but she had the promise that He would sit on the Throne of David. She will see that promise fulfilled in the glorious Millennial Kingdom. She has had to wait, she has been waiting for two thousand years to see Jesus sitting on the Throne of David; but she will see Him, she will see Him in the seventh millennium sitting on the Throne of David.

Now, you see that everything promised by God, every promise, has a time to be fulfilled.




Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, March 23, 1997

(Second activity)

San Jose de los Campos, Brazil

The messenger that God sends for each age or for each dispensation is always the Ambassador of God.

Now we can see what this means in the Divine Program for the Last Day. When Jesus Christ says: “I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches,” the Archangels Gabriel and Michael with Their Armies are watching everything that is happening here on Earth, and they are protecting the Angel of the Lord Jesus Christ and all those who have received Him. Those who are with us are more than those who are against us!

Well, it seems that a second message has come up; but I think this helps us to have security in God and His Program. It helps me a lot too. I know that the Archangels Gabriel and Michael, with Their Armies, are protecting us; just as He sent an army to protect Elisha.

Well, the Scripture also says that the Angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him and defends them.2




Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, April 15, 2001

(Second activity)

Cayey, Puerto Rico

And do you know who knew the name that the Messiah was to bring? If you look up what the prophets said about the name of the Messiah, you will find that Isaiah said that His name would be called Emmanuel, also that His name would be: Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. But none said exactly the name Jesus. But there was one who said the name to be given to the Messiah: And that was the Archangel Gabriel.

Surely, if he knew what was the name for the First Coming of Christ, the Coming of the Stone not cut by hands in His First Coming, then he must know what is the name for the Second Coming of the Stone not cut by hands.

That Angel, just as for the earthly Israel the Archangel Gabriel is their protecting Angel – the Archangel Michael, the protecting Angel or Archangel protector of the Hebrew people; for the heavenly Israel it is the Archangel Gabriel.

And now, the Archangel Gabriel is the Archangel of divine revelations, the one who has access to the Book of Truth; he is the Archangel who appeared to the prophet Daniel and gave him the revelation of the things that would happen to the Hebrew people; he is the Archangel with the most knowledge of the things contained in the Book of Truth. He told the prophet Daniel that he was going to show him, to reveal to him, the things that were in the Book of Truth; in other words, what he told Daniel was according to what was written in the Book of Truth.

Now, that is the Archangel who is in charge of the divine revelations for the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, that is the Archangel sent to work in the midst of the Church of Jesus Christ from stage to stage, the one who gave the revelation to the prophet Daniel, and the one who has the exact knowledge of the entire Divine Program that would be carried out.

Now, that Archangel will be in favor of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. That Archangel, just as he came to the virgin Mary, being that the virgin Mary represents the Church of Jesus Christ, is the Archangel who comes to the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, he is the one who comes with the Voice of the Archangel.

(…) Now, we can see that this is a very great mystery, which is not yet open, so far —the mystery of these two Archangels—; but some day we shall clearly know these mysteries of these Archangels. And whether we come to know them while in these mortal bodies…, or in the new body, that is where we can best understand the mystery of Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael.

But let’s remember that these Archangels have always been working in the Divine Program: They were with the Hebrew people, and it is the Archangel of whom the Archangel Gabriel says… See, the Archangel Gabriel speaks (and speaks well) of the Archangel Michael.

(…) These Archangels are always fighting, and they are always fighting in favor of the whole Program of God.

So it is not surprising that they were present throughout the time of the ministry of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ. If when Christ was fasting and finished His fast, it says that He was tempted by the devil; and when He finished that stage of temptation, the devil left and then angels came and served Him. And the angels are under the command of the Archangels Gabriel and Michael.

Therefore, those Archangels have always been working in the whole Divine Program, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament; they are working on behalf of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in the New Testament, and they will also be working on behalf of the Hebrew people.

And for the resurrection, they will also be working in the whole Program relevant to the resurrection of the saints of God. And for the calling of the 144,000 Hebrews.

Printed in Puerto Rico

1 Matthew 15:6, Mark 7:13

2 Psalm 34:7