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Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, February 1, 1998

Cayey, Puerto Rico

Source scripture: Ezekiel 3:16-21

BOOK OF QUOTATIONS (in Spanish) – Page 119

There is a Man that can turn on the Light

Jeffersonville, IN, 12-29-63

Rev. William M. Branham

1054 – “When the persecution comes, don’t get scared. There is a Light, said He would catch His people away. She’ll not go through the tribulation. She’ll never do it. He said She wouldn’t. She’ll be caught away.”



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cayey, Puerto Rico

That is why the Reverend William Branham says that in the Third Pull, when the Third Pull is manifested, where the power of God that was seen manifested through him in part, will be manifested in all His fullness, he says that this will give the believers in Christ faith for the rapture, will give them faith to be transformed and raptured and taken with Christ to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

And as a sign of the time when this will be fulfilled, he says that a squeeze will come upon the believers in Christ. Upon those who are going to enjoy those blessings, a squeeze is going to come first. Therefore, when you see a squeeze moving, and that it is also directed against that Tent Vision, remember, that full manifestation of God is very near, the adoption of the sons and daughters of God is very near.

Therefore, we will be on the side of what God has promised, working towards the project that God has promised to carry out in this end time. We will not be on the side of those who will be against it, because we would place ourselves in the position of all those who stood against the Program of God in all times.

Those who place themselves against a divine promise when everything is being prepared for it to become a reality, or when that promise is being fulfilled, those who stand against or have stood against it, are placed in the type and figure of Dathan, Korah and Abiram, who rose up against Moses, and also placed in the type and figure of Judas Iscariot.

Therefore, we want nothing to do with those people, but with those who will be on the side of what God has promised to work to make it a reality, because God works through His Church.



Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cayey, Puerto Rico

And Peter thought that he was the one who loved Christ the most, that he was willing to die for Christ, but when the time came for the squeeze, then, when they already took Christ prisoner, and he goes to the courtyard where they are judging Christ, and they tell him: “You are one of them, you are a Galilean, you speak like them, like Christ and His disciples,” and he says: “I don’t know that man,” and so on; and he swore. And later, when the cock crowed, he wept bitterly.

Know that Paul said: “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall1: be more steadfast in Christ. And when you see trouble, get closer to Christ. And if you prayed for one hour, then pray for two or three hours; if you prayed only at night, pray in the morning too, and pray at noon, even if you are standing at work; at lunch too: you finished your lunch after you have prayed for your food, then spend a few moments alone praying in private, either sitting down or however, the important thing is that your heart is in touch with God, you are talking to God through Christ.

And to be careful, know that the hardships and persecutions don’t only come from those outside. Look at what Reverend William Branham says here. This was spoken in the message “Christ is the Mystery of God Revealed,” preached on July 28, 1963. He says:

“Love one another, above everything. Love one another. Don’t… No matter what the devil tries to say.”

Remember that the devil will try to use people to say or speak bad things against a believer, a person or a minister.

“Now you’re all one great big sweet group now, but remember my warning, see, Satan won’t let that stay that way. No, sir. He’ll shoot everything, if he has to bring somebody in to make his target.”

In other words, even if he has to bring someone in the midst of the believers, so that he can have fellowship with everyone and pass as if he were one of you, and begin to do and speak negative things, to place a poison in the hearts and minds of other people. Let’s see:

“He’ll bring some critic or unbeliever in, and sit him down, and cause him to fellowship with you under the quietness.”

He will seem to be a spiritual person, who wants to seek God, but it is the devil who brings someone, who puts someone in the midst of the believers, to use him later; as if to see everything, investigate this and that, and look for faults in other people; and then begin to say them, to speak, to hurt that person, the person’s family and all the people of the Church.

“Then (he says) he’ll shoot that guy with some kind of a poison stuff, and he’ll start through the church with it (you see?). Don’t you take sides with it (don’t go telling him: ‘I’m joining you to back you up’ and start a problem, to start defaming other people, other brethren, no). Don’t you have nothing to do with anything else. You stay right loving and sweet and kind to one another…”

And of course, praying for each other. If you have something to say, that you see wrong in a person, say it to God: “Look, Lord, I see this in my brother, help him; forgive him and help him out of the problem he has; help him in everything.” With God is that you have to talk, and so you can help him.

“Pray for that man (that is, for that man or woman, who comes to criticize)… Pray for that man, that he’ll be saved too, or that woman, or ever who it is, just pray for them. And stick one with another. 81 And stay with your pastor. See, he’s the shepherd, and you give him respects. He’ll lead you through, and, ’cause he’s ordained of God to do so.”

The pastor is ordained to lead the congregation, ordained by God. Don’t let a critic, a person who comes to put poison into people’s hearts and minds, go to deflect you. God has ordained the pastor of each congregation to lead that congregation in God’s path; he is responsible. And the people of that church should be subject to that pastor, to that ministry, because he is the one who is going to give an account for you before God.

“Now do you remember that? The enemy will come. And when he does, just cling that much closer together.”

When you see a person that the enemy is using to criticize, to accuse, to speak ill of the brethren or the pastor, what will you do? Then join the brethren with each other to pray, to be closer to each other, so that the enemy can’t use that person, and don’t pay attention to him, or say: “You are welcome to speak all that you want to speak.” No. Keep him at bay: “Here among us, you can’t come to speak ill of the brethren, nor of the pastor, nor of any minister; that poison is yours, therefore, we don’t want it among us.”

It is like the poison of poisonous snakes: if you let that poison move, it will have bitten you and will poison you; it will poison your soul, your mind, your spirit; and then it will lead you to spiritual death, it will turn you away from Christ; and to turn away from Christ is spiritual death.

“And the one that the devil is using for an enemy will either get out or come in and be one of you (or he fixes himself or leaves. That is all). That’s all. Don’t never clan among one… or—or talk, make yourself clannish. We are one. I couldn’t say, ‘Left hand, I’m—I’m mad at you, I’m going to take you away ’cause you’re not a right hand.’ He’s my left hand. I want him to stay there. Even the little tip of my finger.”

Remember that there are people in the Church who are hands, people who are eyes, people who are mouths (those who speak), people who are feet: feet with the Gospel of Christ carrying the Gospel of Christ, missionaries, and so on; and those who are in the evangelistic activities carrying the Gospel so that the souls come to Christ; also those who are in the printing presses, you see?, they are hands that work in the production of pamphlets, of books, and so on. Each one has a place to work in the Work of the Lord.

“I want to stay right there, every little part of my body stay right there. And God wants us, as a body of believers, to stay right exactly with one another, right at with one another. And now you’ve got tapes on that. You’ve got tapes on what we believe. You’ve got tapes on discipline in the church, how we behave ourself in the church of God, how we got to come here together and sit together in Heavenly places. Don’t stay home…”

Sometimes some say: “Since there are problems, I’m going to stay in the house.” Saint Paul said2: “Do not leave your congregation, as some are in the habit of doing.” So, not only in this time there are some who stay in the houses, but in the time of Saint Paul as well.

“If God is in your heart, you can’t hardly wait for them doors to open out yonder, to get in here to fellowship with your brothers. If you don’t—don’t feel that way, then I tell you, it’s time you got to praying.

Cause, we’re in the last days, where the Bible exalted… or exhorted us to—to, ‘Much more as we see that day approaching,’ to love one another with Christian love and Divine love, ‘to assemble ourselves together in Heavenly places and—and—and Christ Jesus,’ and love one another3. ‘This will all man know you are My disciples, when you have love one for the other.’ That’s right. Stay right together.

If the brother, you think he’s a little wrong, or the sister, say, ‘Lord, don’t let me never have the root of bitterness spring up, ’cause it’ll—it’ll affect him, and it’ll take the Christ right out of my life.’ That poison acids of malice, and jealousy, and hatred, that will just take the Holy Spirit right away from you. It will run Him from the tabernacle here. It’ll kill the Spirit of God, or drive It away from here, hurt your pastor. It’ll do everything. See? Don’t you do that.

You just wax that much closer together. Draw up the…Take the buckle (that is like strapping up, tightening the strap), as the brother testified, a minister here the other night, about having a buckle, seeing it in a vision (that is, strapping up, strapping up the divine armor tightly, the armor of God). Just, that buckles on the whole armor of God. Just pull her on, tighten up, move right up close to one another. Love one another, anyhow. Talk nice about one another.”

See? Speak well of each other. And if there is something that is not correct, then talk it over with God, pray to God to help you.

“…Love one another, anyhow. Talk nice about one another, say nice things about one another, and then God will bless you.”

But if you speak badly, then, you will not bless him. If you speak well of one another, if you speak well, God will pour out His blessings.

Printed in Puerto Rico

1 First Corinthians 10:12

2 Hebrews 10:25

3 John 10:35