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Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, January 11, 1998

Cayey, Puerto Rico

Source scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:8-13


Page 30

The mighty men of the Seventh Seal

Dr. William Soto Santiago

Saturday, May 9, 1998

(Fourth activity)

Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico

And for the Last Day, He will be using His Angel Messenger in the Age of the Cornerstone and Dispensation of the Kingdom, and He will be manifested in His Angel Messenger, He will be manifested in human flesh in His Angel Messenger; and we will be seeing the Angel of the Lord face to face, but veiled in human flesh in His Angel Messenger.

That is for the end time to be seeing face to face: to be seeing the one who has been manifesting Himself throughout the biblical history from age to age and throughout the different dispensations, and manifesting Himself through human flesh in the different prophet messengers He has sent; and in Jesus, He manifested Himself in all His fullness.



The First Seal – Page 172-173

Rev. William Marrion Branham

401 …See, he first started, an antichrist, the spirit; then he become a false prophet; then, later, when the devil is cast out, he is incarnate then with the devil. Three stages! The first, he’s a devil, to begin with, a spirit of the devil; then he becomes a false prophet, teacher of a false doctrine; next thing, he comes as the very devil himself, incarnate. See? There he is.

402 And at the same time that this devil falls out of Heaven and becomes incarnate in a man, the Holy Spirit goes up and comes down incarnate men. Amen. Oh, my! What a time!


BOOK OF QUOTATIONS (in Spanish) – Page 59

A true sign that’s overlooked

Jeffersonville, IN, 11-12-61

Rev. William M. Branham

519 – “In Malachi the 4th chapter, in Revelation also, the 3rd chapter, tells us that he will be here in the last days. That same one, that’ll stand in the breach for the people, with a little flock that God will give him, he’ll come in the last days. God said so. He’ll be a sign to this Gentile nation, that her time is no more. And, remember, when he appears on the scene, the time is at hand. Let’s pray for God to send him. Time is at hand. As soon as his ministry was finished, Messiah showed Himself. As soon as this great one will come in the last days, will finish his ministry, the Messiah will show Himself.”



The Second Seal – Page 208

Rev. William M. Branham

233 …He said, “You’ll hear of wars, and rumors of wars, and so forth. Then all this is not…See, then they’ll—they’ll go back again, then they’ll deliver you up, and so forth like this. And all, all that’s not right yet.”

234 But when He got to the time when He was going to talk to them about what they asked Him about, “the end of the world.”

235 “When will all these things be, when there’ll not be one stone left upon? What will the sign be? And when will be coming, the end of the world?” See, they asked Him three things. Then when He got down to, “The end of the world?”

236 He said, “When you see the fig tree putting forth its bud, now you know that the time is at the door. And verily I say unto you, that, this generation shall not pass until all be fulfilled.” How the infidel, without the interpretation, likes to lay onto that! See? He said, “This generation,” not the generation He was talking to, “the generation that seen the fig tree putting forth its bud.”

237 Now I just want to ask you something. Just—just look at something right here in the face. Israel is now, for the first time for twenty-five hundred years, a nation. The oldest flag in the world is flying over Jerusalem tonight. Israel is in her homeland.

238 There was a brother here one time wanted to be a missionary, felt to go missionary to the Jews. I said, “You might get one now and then.” Oh, people thinks, the whole nation! No, sir.

239 Israel is converted as a nation, not as a person. “A nation will be born in a day.” That’s Israel. “All Israel is saved.” Just remember that. Paul said so… (Romans 11:26).



The Thyatirean Age – Page 241-242

Rev. William M. Branham

If ever a people needed a promise embracing the land where there is no night, it was the people of the Dark Ages. And that is why the Spirit is promising them the morning star. He is telling them that the Chief Star, even Jesus, Who dwelleth in Light unto which no man can approach, will in the future kingdom illuminate them by His own personal presence. He will not be using the stars (messengers) to give light in darkness any longer. It will be Jesus, Himself, speaking to them face to face as He shares His kingdom with them.

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