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Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, June 7, 1998

Cayey, Puerto Rico

Source Scripture: Revelation 8:1-5


Part III – Pages 15-16

The Great Pyramid of the Lord Jesus Christ

Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, September 20, 1987

Cayey, Puerto Rico

The Name of God, the Name of the New Jerusalem and the New Name of the Lord Jesus Christ is the same name: The Eternal Name of God, which in other times, dispensations and ages, was never before made known; for it is in the mystery of the Seventh Seal, for which there was silence in Heaven for almost half an hour.

(…) His Second Coming is the Stone not cut out of hands, the Stone that He says He puts in Zion, in the Great Pyramid; because it is in the Second Coming of the Son of Man that the New Name of the Lord Jesus Christ comes to carry out the Work of the Lion of the tribe of Judah, King of kings and Lord of lords. And that Name will be placed upon the Age of the Cornerstone.

Just as Luther’s name was placed upon the Lutheran age, and Wesley’s name was placed upon the Wesleyan age; but neither of those names was the Eternal Name of God, the New Name of the Lord Jesus Christ; therefore, it was only a temporary name for one age; but someday the Eternal Name of God, the New Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, would come to be the Name of the City of our God, to be the Name of Mount Zion, to be the Name of the Great Pyramid of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“And I will give him a little white stone, and on the stone a new name written.” So all the other names from the past are in the past. “I will give them a new name written.” That Stone will bring the new name written on it.

And the Lord Jesus Christ said: “And I will write It upon every overcomer. I will write the Name of my God, the Name of the City of my God, and my New Name.” And here it says that It will come on the white stone; which no one knows but he who receives It.

Now, we have seen the promise of that name to be written on every overcomer. And the age of the overcomers will have that name. And that name, being the age of the overcomers, being the Age of the Cornerstone, of the Coming of the Cornerstone, will be the Age that will give the entire Great Pyramid the Name that it will have for all eternity.

The Lutheran age couldn’t give us a name for all eternity, nor could the Wesleyan age; those were temporary names for those ages; but the Eternal Age, the Age of the Cornerstone; that little stone has a New Name written on it, which will also be received by the overcomers, those who receive that little white Stone.

Those who receive the Stone not cut out of hands, will be receiving the Second Coming of the Son of Man with the name written; and thus the whole Great Pyramid of God will be sealed with the Seal of the living God.

That is the way the elect are sealed. And that is the way the Great Pyramid, the Mystical Body of the Lord Jesus Christ, is sealed with the Seal of the living God.



The Seventh Seal – Page 530

Rev. William M. Branham

49 Then we find out, it’s immediately after that, that church age, them Beasts went.

50 Got through, we find out, we changed, the whole picture there, no more Beasts come out. See? But, it was introducing, coming forward, over into the Tribulation period, after the Church had went out.

51 How perfectly it fit right in with the church ages! I don’t see one iota, one thing that didn’t fit perfectly, even to the ages and everything, and the times. Think of it. That shows, it had to be God did it. The human mind could not fathom that. And now we find out that that, also, we…

52 The Lord let us take the Scripture, the Holy Scripture, what Jesus said would take place. And how would we have ever found that? And here, comes over and reveals, and bring it just exactly. His sermon there, answering that, brings out exactly to the point, six of the Seals, but He omitted the Seventh. See?

53 Then when the Seals were opened, God, notice here, He omitted revealing even any symbol of the Seventh One. See? It’s a perfect secret with God. Notice. Now we’re going to read in the Bible, in the—the Seventh Seal. That’s found in Revelation, the 8th chapter.

And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of a half hour.



The First Seal – Page 139

Rev. William M. Branham

[166] But, think now, he wrote This.

167 But when he started to write those other, Seven Thunders, He said, “Don’t write It.” He had been commissioned to write everything he seen. But when these Seven Thunders, over in Revelation 10, uttered, He said, “Don’t write Them, at all.” They are mysteries. We don’t know what they are yet. But, my opinion, they’ll be revealed right away. And when it do, it’ll give faith for that rapturing grace, for that Church to move out. See?

168 We’ve just moved through everything that we know of, through all the dispensations. We’ve watched everything. We seen the mysteries of God. We seen the appearing of the—of the great gathering together of the Bride in the last days. But, yet, there is something in There that we just can’t lighten ourself with. There is something other.

169 But I imagine, when them mysteries begins to come forth, God said, “Hold It back now. Wait a minute. I’ll reveal It in that day. Don’t write It, at all, John, ’cause they’ll stagger over It. Just—just let it go, see. But I’ll reveal It in that day when it has need to be done.”


BOOK OF QUOTATIONS (in Spanish) – Page 41

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Jeffersonville, IN, 12-4-1960

Rev. William M. Branham

330 – “And it was sent to the… ‘And signified this by his angel unto John.’ We do not know who the angel was. The Bible doesn’t say who the angel was. But we know that it was a prophet, ’cause the Bible later said, that, ‘I Jesus have sent my angel to testify these things which must shortly come to pass.’ Then we find out that when John started to worship the angel, the angel said, ‘See that you do it not.’ Revelation 22, I believe it is. And he said, ‘For I am of thy fellowservants and of the prophets.’ It might have been Elijah. It might have been one of the prophets. John was an apostle. But this prophet was sent. And John, being an apostle, look at the nature of the rest of his epistles, prove that it wasn’t John wrote it, because it has no nature like John. Take First John, Second John, so forth, and read it. And look at the nature of that, then look at the nature of this. John was a writer and was an apostle, but this is the spirit of a prophet. It’s a different person, altogether.”



The Seventh Seal – Page 556

Rev. William M. Branham

[257] If Satan could get a hold of It…

258 If you want something to happen… Now you’ll have to take my word for this. If I’m planning on doing something, I know better than to tell anybody about it. Not that that person would tell it, but Satan will hear it. See? He can’t get it, in my heart there, as long as God has got it closed up with the Holy Spirit, so that’s between me and God. See? He don’t know nothing about it until you speak it, then he hears it. And I have tried…I tell people I’ll do a certain-certain thing, and watch the devil cut off every wheel he can, to get there, see, to beat me to it. But if I get the revelation from God, and just don’t say nothing about it, then it’s different.



Ladies in victory working without limits in the Last Day

Dr. William Soto Santiago

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico

I support Puerto Rico in what it is doing, this project of building a Tent Cathedral, and also in buying the land necessary for its installation and for parking as well; because such a large Tent needs enough space to be placed, and also for cars and buses, because if the Reverend William Branham saw it full, well, there will be many people.

And if he saw an endless line, then there will be much work; and therefore, there will also be many health problems in the midst of the human race; in other words, all things will work to make that place really a necessity.

And since it is promised that in that place God is going to manifest Himself, we all want to see the manifestation of God as Reverend William Branham saw it in the Tent Vision.

Therefore, we support that project that Puerto Rico has; and even though I am not there in Puerto Rico, I also support it with all my heart, with my prayers, and with my effort and in all senses, economically as well. And God is going to have the person that He chose since before the foundation of the world to use in that final manifestation, who has to be a dispensational messenger; he can’t be just a messenger of an age, but a dispensational one. And he has to be, therefore, the messenger of the Dispensation of the Kingdom with the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Gospel of Grace, and also the messenger of the Age of the Cornerstone.


BOOK OF ROMANS 8:22-23 – Pages 240-241

The time for the wheat to ripen

Dr. William Soto Santiago

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cayey, Puerto Rico

Therefore, God will have many other nations, sisters of Israel; and in the Kingdom of the Messiah, there we will see them, those who will enter with the Messiah into His Kingdom, according to Matthew, chapter 25, where it says that He will gather before Him, when He sits on the Throne of His Father, on the Throne of glory, the Throne of David, He will gather before Him all nations to judge them; just as the shepherd gathers his sheep on the right and the goats on the left.

And the future of every nation will depend on that judgment that the Messiah will carry out after the great tribulation; and even before: The apocalyptic plagues (like the plagues that fell upon Egypt in the time of Moses), which will be a repeated in this end time upon the kingdom of the gentiles, will cause serious situations to the nations; for the misuse they have had or the misuse they have made of natural resources, will return in serious problems to mankind.

That is why global warming, the ozone layer which is deteriorated in certain areas, and other problems, are coming as consequences to those major problems; and the problems of tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanoes, all of that is spoken to be fulfilled in a greater way in this end time.

That is why, seeing the situation in which mankind is, I have said that as I see things, in the first 50 years of this new millennium that has begun and in this first century of this new millennium (according to the Gregorian calendar), I have seen or thought that all the promises promised for the Last Day will be fulfilled, such as the Coming of the Lord, the faith to be transformed, the resurrection of the dead in Christ, the rapture of the Church to go to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and other things in the midst of Christianity that are promised; and therefore, the fulfillment of the Vision of The Great Tent Cathedral as well, and the return of God to the Hebrew people.

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